Kratie Travel Information


Kratie Description:

Kratie is a small town in Cambodia’s northeastern region.

The capital of a rural province, Kratie escaped the majority of the conflicts that swept through Cambodia in the last century, which has left its colonial French architecture in excellent condition. This charming town’s sleepy pace of life is an attraction all its own, but it’s the chance to see the incredibly rare Irrawaddy dolphins in the Mekong River that runs through town that brings travelers to the area.

The Irrawaddy dolphins are an endangered species that inhabits briny rivers near large ocean bodies. It’s a rare species that inhabits waters in India and Southeast Asia. A 2007 survey indicated that there are between 60 and 80 dolphins living in the region’s waters.

Located just south of Town, Wat Roka Kandal is the town’s main Buddhist temple. Its quaint exterior belays the incredibly detailed interior carvings and murals. It’s well worth a look.

Best Time to Visit Kratie:

The Northeastern provinces of Cambodia are best visited during the dry season that stretches from December to May. The weather is warm, and sky generally clear during these months. Rains and high temperatures roll through the land beginning in June and continue through November. The extra perception revitalizes the countryside and Cambodia’s plant life positively glows with life during this time of year.

How to get to Kratie:

Kratie is capital city of the Kratie Province in Cambodia’s northeastern region. Guests enjoying our luxury tours of Cambodia reach the city in a chauffeured vehicle leaving from Phnom Penh in as little as two hours.

Kratie Highlights:

Travelers who enjoy wildlife excursions need little encouragement to make the trip to Kratie, but lovers of cultural find the quaint town a wonderful stop brimming with the relaxed countryside lifestyle Cambodia’s provinces are so renowned for.


Appropriate Attire:

Western apparel choices are fine while exploring this rustic Cambodian town.