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All luxury tours are not created equal, nor are all travel companies. The best private luxury tours of India must deliver experiences that delight and amaze you every day of your exploration. Because of our local presence and expertise, Easy Tours does this better than any company on our planet.

We use the word ‘Tours’ for want of a better term. We intelligently plan and meticulously orchestrate fascinating explorations of India that don’t waste a moment of your time. We know what seasoned luxury explorers enjoy. Our guests like a diverse mix of culture, local colors, history, and insights into the everyday lives of the locals. To top that off, all our private explorations can be customized to your preferences.

After facilitating luxury travel on the Indian Subcontinent for North American travelers since 2004, Easy Tours knows what makes for a truly memorable exploration. The three most important parts of the best private luxury tours of India are well planned itineraries, the best guides in India, and gorgeous luxury lodging that offers excellent local and western cuisine.

Are We a Good Fit for You?

Easy Tours was born in 2004 with one guiding principle – to be the best luxury travel company in India for explorers from North America. Although roughly 70% of our guests today are repeats and referrals, it is possible that Easy Tours will not be a good fit for you. If the following features of our luxury private tours strike a chord within you, please take the time to review some of our detailed itineraries.

1. Passionate Guides who create Magical Experiences throughout your Journey.
2. Suites and upgraded rooms at the highest rated luxury Palaces, Resorts & Hotels.
3. Unique Cultural Experiences and the option to change your day’s itinerary on the go.
4. VIP airport arrivals and departures and on-tour Business Class Flights
5. India Specialists in the United States and in India responding to any needs that arise.

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India’s Best Luxury Lodging & Dining Options

Lodging options for travelers in India are unsurpassed anywhere on this planet, and Easy Tours uses only suites and upgraded rooms at the best luxury palaces, resorts and hotels in India. Anyone who has stayed at the Leela Palace Hotels, Oberoi Hotels or Taj Palaces and they will verify that almost no such hotels exist in the western hemisphere. Easy Tours is a preferred India travel operator partner of the three luxury hoteliers mentioned above, and we have had wonderful working relationships with the best ultra-boutique lodges at smaller destinations.

Most companies based in the west and in India use terms like ‘luxury’ and ‘5-star’ very loosely. We recommend that you compare the lodging and the room/suite categories we use with other tour operators’ offerings by researching reviews and rankings – you will be surprised.

Dining in India: A glance at our unique Luxury Culinary and Culture Tours will show you that we are true gastronomical connoisseurs for India. Your lodging at every destination will offer excellent choices between western and local cuisine as India’s top-rated chefs ply their trade in your hotels. Most of these establishments will also offer extensive selections of excellent wines and spirits sourced from all over our planet.

10 Best Places to Visit in India

A list of India's most fascinating destinations, in no particular order, where you can experience unique local culture, amazing UNESCO World Heritage Sites, breathtaking scenery, and India's incredible colors.



Taj Mahal and 2 other UNESCO World Heritage Sites



India's Capital. Historical and Cultural Hub, plus 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites


Varanasi (Benares)

Oldest Continuously Inhabited City on Earth - the Holy Ganga flows through it


Cochin (Kochi)

Lush Tropical Jewel of South India, completely different from North India



560 miles of interconnected canals, lakes, and rivers in a gorgeous tropical setting



1 of 3 cities in the Golden Triangle - Amazing Color & Culture - 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites



Hills, Lakes, and Amazing Palaces - Rajasthan's Prettiest City - Slower Paced Small City


Ajanta and Ellora

India’s Most Awe-Inspiring Archaeological Gems – both UNESCO World Heritage Sites



Authentic ancient Rajasthani Village with a 17th Century Royal Lodge



One of India's Premier Tiger Sanctuaries - Easier access than most National Wildlife Parks

The Best Time to Visit India

If your goal is to avoid higher temperatures, October to March is the best time to visit India. But this is a subjective issue based on your preferences and so our escorted private tours operate throughout the year. During the low season, between mid-April and September, India’s luxury hotels significantly reduce their pricing. It rains for part of this time, but North India’s monsoons are just a fraction of what they used to be decades ago and travel can easily be facilitated.

India is a vast country that has mountainous regions in various sections, including the fabled Himalayas in the north, where, in magical destinations like the high-altitude desert region of Ladakh, tourism is only available between the late spring and late summer. Other destinations like the higher elevations on the southern Deccan Plateau are relatively cool during summer and offer excellent sights such as Hampi, Thekkady, Chikmagalur, and a couple of great National Wildlife Parks that do not close during the summer.

The Best Time to Visit Wildlife Parks

Most of North India’s National Wildlife Sanctuaries are closed from July 1st until October 1st. Over 85% of our guests get one or more Bengal Tiger sightings at all our chosen parks, including at the Southern India Parks that do not close in summer. Interestingly, due to the drying of water holes before the rains arrive, wildlife enthusiasts traveling in the hotter months of April, May, and June always get multiple sightings.

Holi Festival tours

Wildlife Safaris in India

India is home to tens of thousands of animal & bird species. They all play an integral part in Indian society, history, and day to day existence. Enjoy an escorted private luxury tour of India with Easy Tours and experience one of India’s premier Wildlife Sanctuary’s that is home to many of these species.

Our founder started visiting Indian wildlife parks in the early 70s, and these sanctuaries soon became a passion for him. The India Specialists at Easy Tours love to hear him recount those days, when the infrastructure for both travel and lodging was primitive compared to today, yet the experiences were, just like today, unforgettable. We hear of bareback elephant rides into remote parts of the jungle, and of chance tiger encounters while on foot! He has enjoyed hundreds of safaris in India over the past four decades and personally designs each of our wildlife itineraries.

Mindful Travel

Discerning explorers have always agreed on how special India is as a destination. Mark Twain said “India is, the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grandmother of tradition. Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured ... in India only.”

Although we do not expect everyone to agree with us, or the late Mr. Twain, we bring this up for a reason. We believe in mindful travel. If you are someone who likes having everything always go your way, and are not open to adapting to other cultures and their idiosyncrasies, as well as existing ground reality, we recommend that you use one of the large travel companies who offer sanitized private tours of India.

As the premier US based luxury travel in India specialist, we offer our guests a choice between the finest selection of flexible luxury private tours combining India, Nepal and Bhutan in any configuration and you can have us design such an itinerary so that you will do exactly what you are interested in at each destination.