Tour Levels

Standard on all our Visits:

World Class Service: From the moment you are greeted by an Easy Tours Visit Facilitator, you enter a world of impeccable service and hospitality. Your biggest decisions are what cuisine you will want to try that evening, and what sights or events you'd like to spend your time exploring.

Quality & exclusivity: Independent tour guests are never part of a group - whether it be for travel or sightseeing.

Luxury Level

Luxury Level accommodations and services will delight you. We use our local insight and contacts to secure the best available rooms in palaces, battle scarred forts, the best resorts and five star deluxe hotels. All the facilities we use are superior to the best that other tour operators offer. Compare this to agency's that sell tours for a lot more then us - they use base rooms at the same hotels and provide a lower level of transportation and services.

Independent Tours itineraries include an experienced Tour Director who travels with you to most of your destinations, and who is an accomplished guide for all the locations that you will visit. As previously mentioned, a luxury Japanese sport utility vehicle and driver are included exclusively for you for nine hours every day, even during the times you are at leisure. You have the option to fly "Business" class when available (almost all flights include this option), and your personal 'visit facilitator' is always available to help you plan and enjoy all aspects of your visit.

Premium Level

Premium Level guests have most of the same inclusions as guests in Upscale Plus Levels; they fly everywhere just like Upscale Plus Level guests (coach class - unless you ask for Business class), they have all monument and wildlife park admissions fees etc. are included, and they get very close to the same level of attention in terms of daily itinerary planning, bottled water, and any other needs.

Luxury Tour guests stay at upgraded rooms at five star hotels (usually better hotels than what the average tour operator calls their "luxury hotels"), and get dedicated guides and visit facilitators for Independent travel (they share this staff in the small group visits). The Independent tours include a sport utility vehicle for visits to sights and monuments in the itineraries. Mini Coaches are used for small group travel.