Don Daeng Travel Information


Don Daeng Description:

Don Daeng is a beautiful island nestled in the Mekong River in Central Laos.

Stretching about 4 miles in length, Don Daeng Island is rapped by a number of excellent beaches. Don Daeng is famed for its rustic setting, and lazy, infectious pace of life that seems to throw travelers’ carefully planned itineraries to the wind. The island is easy to navigate on foot or by bicycle, and there are a number of excellent kayaking, tubing, and boat cruise opportunities on the Mekong River.

The island is incorporated into the UNESCO World Heritage site that protects Wat Phu and Um Tomo, Khmer temple ruins stretching back to the 5th century.

Best Time to Visit Don Daeng:

For the best sightseeing weather, plan to visit Don Daeng Island during the dry season between November and May. Temperatures begin to rise in June and continue to do so through October. There are higher chances of rain during the latter half of the year, but the extra precipitation that falls revives the verdant scenery along the Mekong River.

How to get to Don Daeng:

Our guests reach Don Daeng in a private boat from the small town of Champasak in Southern Laos.

Don Daeng Highlights:

Don Daeng’s calm, idyllic atmosphere is a memorable experience all its own while enjoying a luxury tour of Laos. The ruins of Wat Phu and Um Tomo make for excellent excursions from the island, and should not be missed while exploring the area.

Appropriate Attire:

Western-style clothing choices are fine to wear while exploring the island and the UNESCO World Heritage sites in the area.