Gems Museum and Market Travel Information


Gems Museum Description:

The Myanmar Gems Museum is a small repository of the country’s mineral wealth and the expert work of its skilled craftsmen.

A series of display cases contain some excellent examples of ancient and contemporary works cut from jade, sapphire, diamond, ruby, and other precious stones.

The floors below the museum are home to Yangon’s largest gem market. More than 80 different merchant stalls deal in the different cuts, carats, and types of precious stones mined from the mountains in Myanmar.

Best Time to Visit Gems Museum:

Yangon’s best weather is between November and May during the temperate dry season. From June to October, seasonal rains quench the high temperatures, and revive the countryside after the arid months at the end of the summer.

How to get to Gems Museum:

Lovers of precious stones need little excuse to peek at the wares in the market and gawk at the glittering rarities in the museum above.

Gems Museum Highlights:

The Myanmar Gems Museum and the markets below are best reached by a private vehicle while on a luxury tour of Myanmar.

Appropriate Attire:

Western-style clothing choices are fine when visiting the market and museum.