Heho Travel Information


Heho Description:

The small town of Heho is the gateway to Myanmar’s Eastern Shan State.

The region takes its name from the Shan ethnic group of people that inhabit the area along with a number of other minority tribes.

Heho was originally a small village inhabited by the Danu ethnic group of people. During British colonial rule, the small village became a regional travel hub linking the Shan State to the rest of Myanmar via a rail line. An international airport was aided in later decades, and today Heho is the best way for guests on our luxury tours of Myanmar to reach Inle Lake and other sights within in the Eastern Shan State.

Best Time to Visit Heho:

The temperate season between November and May is typically dry with clear skies, which makes it the best season for sightseeing in Myanmar. Short bursts of powerful rain are more common starting in June and continuing into October, and the extra precipitation helps keep the atmosphere cool during the warmer second half of the year.

How to get to Heho:

Heho’s international airport makes the small town an important gateway to the Shan State’s beautiful and untouched nature. Inle Lake and a number of other Shan State destinations are best reached from here.

Heho Highlights:

Guests on our Myanmar tours typically reach Inle Lake and other destinations within in the Shan State after a direct flight to Heho International Airport. Once arriving in Heho, our guests transfer to a private vehicle to reach the other destinations in the region.

Appropriate Attire:

Western apparel choices are fine to wear while exploring this small town.