Hlawga National Park Travel Information


Hlawga National Park Description:

Hlawga National Park is a wildlife preserve just outside of Myanmar’s former capital, Yangon.

The park was founded in 1982 by the United Nations Development Programme working in conjunction with the local government as an education center devoted to the conservation of animal and plant life in lower Myanmar.

The park’s boundaries cover about one square mile, and protects at least 21 species of mammals including rhesus monkeys, pangolin, and five species of indigenous deer. Pythons, cobras, and monitor lizards are a few of the reptiles commonly seen slithering through the dense foliage, and some 100 different species of birds, including the Jungle Fowl, make their homes in the park.

Hlawga National Park has a small zoo with a number of increasingly rare species of animals that used to roam the region. Visitors can spot tigers, leopards, various species of Asian bears, and crocodiles in well-kept enclosures.

Safaris into the deeper park areas are available, as are elephant treks into the jungle. There are plenty of excellent hiking trails within the park boundaries, and the area dedicated to education efforts houses a butterfly park and informative displays detailing the park’s ecology.

Best Time to Visit Hlawga National Park:

The best safari and wildlife spotting weather falls between November and May during the country’s dry season. Between June and October increasing levels of rainfall revive the park’s plant life after the high temperatures of the summer, and cools the park’s jungles considerably.

How to get to Hlawga National Park:

Hlawga National Park is a very popular day-trip from Yangon’s citizens. The park is well-kept by the joint education program that founded it, and such stunning natural splendor so close to Myanmar’s largest city is a sight that should not be missed.

Hlawga National Park Highlights:

Hlawga National Park is about 22 miles north of Yangon. It’s best reached by private vehicle while enjoying one of our luxury tours of Myanmar.

Appropriate Attire:

Dress for a hike with an excellent pair of shoes when planning to visit Hlawga National Park.