Kandawgyi Lake Travel Information


Kandawgyi Lake Description:

Kandawgyi Lake is an artificial water reservoir constructed by the British to provide fresh water to Yangon.

As part of the late 18th century colonial design of Yangon, British engineers dug a water tank just east of the Shwedagon Pagoda, and connected it to Inya Lake with a series of pipes to provide Yangon with drinking water.

The 150 acre lake on the edge of Yangon is encased by a thick swathe of verdant forest called the Kandawgyi Nature Park, which contains the Yangon Zoological Gardens.

Karaweik, a modern replica of the ancient royal barge of Burma’s Kings, rests on the eastern shore of the lake. The gilded structure has a seven tired roof, and is built to resemble a palace resting on the back of twin water fowl.

Best Time to Visit Kandawgyi Lake:

Between November and May Yangon’s weather is sunny and dry. Seasonal rains between June and October help keep the temperatures cool in the city, and the lake and surrounding park are particularly beautiful during these months.

How to get to Kandawgyi Lake:

Kandawgyi Lake, and the surrounding nature park, is a beautiful example of the Colonial British engineering that formed Yangon’s modern features. It’s particularly stunning during sunset, and a great place to end the day’s explorations of Yangon with a refreshing evening stroll.

Kandawgyi Lake Highlights:

Kandawgyi Lake lies just outside of Yangon east of Shwedagon Pagoda. Travelers on our luxury tours of Myanmar reach the lake via our private vehicle service while sightseeing in Yangon.

Appropriate Attire:

Western-style clothing choices are fine to wear while visiting the area, but it’s important to remember that Buddhist modesty requires shoulders, arms, and knees to be covered while on holy ground. If you’re planning to visit any sacred temple sites, it’s best to dress modestly for the day’s excursions.