Phowintaung Pagoda Festival Tour


What is Phowintaung Pagoda Festival?

The Phowintaung Pagoda Festival is a Buddhist festival and carnival held on the grounds of an ancient temple.

Myanmar’s Pagoda Festivals are an ancient tradition dating back to the 11th century as Buddhism was spreading across what is today known as Myanmar. Many of the Buddhist temples and shrines throughout the country hold yearly festivals on their grounds complete with a thriving market selling a number of locally produced products. The merchants who operate in the market donate portions of their profits to the temple to sustain the many red robed monks who perform the numerous religious rituals that take place inside the temple itself.

Outside the temple, the festival’s atmosphere is jubilant. It’s often the only time of the year that farmers and villagers from the countryside have the opportunity to visit family and friends who live in different areas. There are a number of traditional dances, songs, and plays performed for the festival goers on stages located throughout the festival grounds.

When is Phowintaung Pagoda Festival?

The Phowintaung Pagoda Festival usually falls in November, but the exact date is chosen using Myanmar’s traditional lunar calendar that uses the phases of the moon to determine auspicious dates for festivals. This can shift festival times several weeks between years, so it’s important to plan in advance so our Travel Specialists can mare the appropriate arrangements for your luxury tour of Myanmar to make a stop at this festival.

Phowintaung Pagoda Festival Highlights:

The intriguing blend of religious reverence inside the Phowintaung Pagoda and the flamboyant celebration outside on the festivals grounds is well loved by cultural enthusiasts. It’s a chance to see ancient traditions play out in modern time that should not be missed while on a Myanmar tour.

Where is Phowintaung Pagoda Festival Celebrated?

The Phowintaung Pagoda Festival takes place in the city of Monywa, in Myanmar’s Sagaing Region.

Appropriate Attire:

Buddhist temples require visitors to dress in modest attire that covers shoulders, arms, and legs. Areas within the structure may also ask you to remove your shoes before entering.