Shwe Nattaung Pagoda Festival Tour


What is Shwe Nattaung Pagoda Festival?

The Shwe Nattaung Pagoda Festival is annual harvest and alms celebration in Myanmar.

The grounds around the Shwe Nattaung Pagoda spring to life during the annual festival as farmers clamor into the city of Paya in ox-drawn carts to offer portions of their harvest to the temple as alms. The temple grounds fill with merchant stalls selling religious iconography, food, and toys, and the celebration gives the temple grounds the feel of a carnival.

Monks form a long line outside the temple grounds, and slowly proceed through the entire compound being given small gifts, mostly uncooked rice, by the festival attendees.

When is Shwe Nattaung Pagoda Festival?

The Shwe Nattaung Pagoda Festival takes place between February and March. If you’re interested in seeing the harvest festival during your luxury tour of Myanmar, your travel specialists can confirm appropriate dates and times to experience this traditional celebration.

Shwe Nattaung Pagoda Festival Highlights:

Harvest festivals in Myanmar are an important part of the country’s religious traditions. Myanmar’s Buddhist monks rely on the alms donated by the local population to survive through the year, and giving a monk a portion of the year-end’s harvest is an auspicious activity for families. A visit to the Shwe Nattaung Pagoda Festival helps unravel the intricate society’s complex interactions between secular and religious circles.

Where is Shwe Nattaung Pagoda Festival Celebrated?

The Shwe Nattaung Pagoda Festival takes place in Paya (Prome) in the Southwest of Myanmar. The town can easily be reached in a private vehicle from either Yangon or the ancient temple city of Bagan.

Appropriate Attire:

When visiting Buddhist temples, monasteries, or shrines dress conservatively in keeping with Buddhist traditions of modesty.