Taungthaman Lake Travel Information


Taungthaman Lake Description:

The Taungthaman Lake is a large body of freshwater bordering the western side of the city of Amarapura.

The placid lake is an iconic part of Amarapura’s timeless charm. Spanned by the scenic U Bein Bridge, Taungthaman Lake is a splendid place for relaxing cruises to watch the sunset.

Best Time to Visit Taungthaman Lake:

The best weather to enjoy cruising Taungthaman Lake falls between November and May during the dry season. From June to October the area has increasing chances of rainfall in the mornings and afternoons.

How to get to Taungthaman Lake:

Guests on our luxury tours of Myanmar reach Taungthaman Lake near Amarapura via a private vehicle after a flight to Mandalay from the city of Yangon to the south.

Taungthaman Lake Highlights:

Cruising across the lake to watch the sunset beyond the well-known U Bein Bridge is one of Amarapura’s paramount attractions.

Appropriate Attire:

Western-style clothing choices are fine when visiting the lake.