Thatbyinnyu Temple Travel Information


Thatbyinnyu Temple Description:

Thatbyinnyu Temple is the tallest of the Buddhist religious structures in the ancient city of Bagan reaching just over 200 feet in height.

The two-story, white stucco clad structure represents a shift in architectural styles borrowed from the Mon Kingdom to design concepts created in the Pagan Kingdom. The complex served as a monastery, temple, and shrine, and even though the missing Jataka panels, murals depicting different incarnations of Buddha’s lives, indicate the complex was never fully finished, it’s a stunning work of ancient religious architecture.

Best Time to Visit Thatbyinnyu Temple:

The best weather to explore the ruins of the ancient city of Bagan falls between November and May during the temperate season. The rainy season follows from June to October with increased chances of morning and afternoon showers, which help revive the surrounding greenery after the dry season.

How to get to Thatbyinnyu Temple:

Thatbyinnyu Temple denotes a cultural renaissance of the Kingdom of Pagan with its original architectural design. It should not be missed while exploring the thousands of religious structures on the Bagan Plains.

Thatbyinnyu Temple Highlights:

Thatbyinnyu Temple is located in the ancient temple city of Bagan. Guests on our luxury tours of Myanmar are shuttled from their hotel in a private vehicle to the area, and then shown around the more than 2,000 remaining Buddhist structures on the Bagan Plain.

Appropriate Attire:

When visiting Buddhist temples, shrines, or monasteries it’s best to dress conservatively in clothing that covers your shoulders, arms, and knees in accordance with Buddhist modesty.