Namche Bazaar Travel Information

Namche Bazaar is quite the spectacular mountain village with only about 1600 inhabitants. This crescent shaped village is located in the North-East portion of the Himalayas and is 11,286 feet above sea level. It is situated between two very impressive peaks the Kongde Ri at 20,299 feet above sea level and the Thamserku with an elevation of 21,729 feet. It is also referred to as the “base camp” of Mount Everest.

Namche Bazaar has become popular since 1953 with trekkers and mountaineering adventurers because it serves as the gateway to the high Himalaya and inevitably Mount Everest. It is often used as the perfect location for altitude acclimatization.

There is only one way to reach Namche, on foot. To get to Namche requires a grueling 3 to 4 hours hike up 3500 meters from the river, and it is common for hikers to experience altitude sickness during this journey. It is possible to complete the hike in one day, however if you are not extremely fit and experienced in mountain trekking at high altitude it is suggested to take two days.

There are a few inns in Namche Bazaar, but this particular village is not suggested for those that are not accustomed to camping and outdoor activities, suffer from any health issues, or are not in great physical shape as they offer no luxury accommodations.

Every Saturday morning, as Namche’s name suggests, there is a market and bazaar. The bazaar is held in the city center and local Sherpas, merchants, farmers, and Nepali artisans sell and trade their goods. This market has become a favorite amongst those that are able to visit this quaint mountain village.