Amnat Charoen Travel Information


Amnat Charoen Description:

Amnant Charoen lies in the Mekong River basin of Northeastern Thailand. Founded 200 years ago, the town today is a quaint Thai rural getaway with Cambodian and Laotian influences in the architecture, food, and customs.

Traditional boat races are still held on the Mekong, and the annual races in November are a lively spectacle that should not be missed. Traditional handcrafts are numerous and include hand cut gemstones, and the region produces some of Thailand’s finest silk garments.

Phu Sa Dok Bua National Park is not far from town, and trekking through the park’s verdant forests to reach the 11 stone-lined lotus pools on the mountaintop is a popular excursion on luxury tours of Thailand.

Don Chao Poo is a nature preserve dedicated to the preservation and research of the hundreds of long-tail macaques that live in the province’s forests. Developed and implemented by the local populace, the reserve is an eco-friendly and sustainable destination on a tour in Thailand.

Best Time to Visit Amnat Charoen:

The skies are clear from November to January here, but towards the end of the season the region is particularly cool compared to the rest of Isan. Seasonal rainfall is heaviest between June and October, and the hottest weather is from March to May.

How to get to Amnat Charoen:

Loei is the capital city of Loei Province in Northeastern Thailand’s Isan region. Private vehicle service departing from Chiang Mai is the best way to reach this splendid and remote mountain area.

Amnat Charoen Highlights:

The large swathes of park protected lands make Loei a great place to enjoy quiet isolation while trekking.

Appropriate Attire :

Dress for a hike, and bring along warm clothing as the province can be shockingly cold, especially after arriving from lower elevations.