Buriram Travel Information


Buriram Description:

Almost a quarter of the Khmer ruins in Thailand are located in the countryside surrounding Buriram. This small, provincial capital is a quaint and relaxing destination far from the hectic streets of Bangkok.

Of the numerous ruins left by the Khmer Empire in the Isan region of Northeastern Thailand, the crown jewel is surely Phanom Rung. The largest Khmer structure in Thailand, Phanom Rung caps the summit of a dormant volcano like a crown beckoning travelers on luxury tours of Thailand to explore its ancient secrets.

Phanom Rung Historical Park maintains the temple grounds, and the restoration of the sprawling complex took 17 years. A Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva, many of the statues and decorative friezes are intact. The well-restored temple grounds are representative of the apex of Khmer architecture.

Best Time to Visit Buriram:

The best weather is from November to January here. Rainfall during the monsoon season running from June through October causes the country side to bloom a lush green. The highest temperatures fall between March and May.

How to get to Buriram:

The capital of Buriram Province, Buriram Town lies in the rural northeast of Thailand close to the border of Cambodia. Best reached by private vehicle, the province and the many Khmer ruins provide a window into the past of the culturally diverse Isan region for guests on Thailand tours.

Buriram Highlights:

Though remote, history and architecture buffs find the area’s many Khmer ruins a sightseeing opportunity that cannot easily be passed up.

Appropriate Attire :

Western-wear is fine in town, but if you’re heading out to enjoy the majestic countryside dress for a hike.