Erawan National Park Travel Information


Erawan National Park Description:

The gushing blue-green waterfalls in Erawan National Park are a must-see for travelers on luxury tours in Thailand.

Named for the three-headed elephant that carries the Hindu god Indra, the seven tiers of Erawan Falls spread for a nearly a mile through deciduous forests filled with birds, monkeys, and other diverse wildlife.

The park is also home to several complex cave systems. The glittering limestone stalactites and stalagmites of Mi, Pha Lun, Phartat, Wang Bahdan and Rua caves are popular destinations within Erawan National Park. There’s also a mix of moderate and easy hiking trails like the 5 kilometer Khao Hin Lan Pee Nature Trail, which ends at the 5th tier of Erawan Falls.

Best Time to Visit Erawan National Park:

The falls are particularly beautiful during the rainy season running June to October after the dry season running from March to May.

The high season for the park runs from October through February, and the first few tiers of the falls are particularly busy this time of the year.

How to get to Erawan National Park:

The park is about an hour’s drive from Kanchanaburi Town in Kanchanaburi Province, Western Thailand. Guests on Thailand tours can easily access the park and falls with private vehicle service.

Erawan National Park Highlights:

With diverse wildlife, good hiking, and spectacular waterfalls to dive from and swim beneath, Erawan National Park is a busy destination on Thailand tour itineraries.

Appropriate Attire:

Dress for a hike with good shoes as the higher tiers of the falls can be slippery, and bring something to swim in as the cool waters in the basins make for an irresistible swim.