Loei Travel Information


Loei Description:

The high-peaked and often mist shrouded mountains around Loei are the Isan region’s mirror of the rugged peaks of Northern Thailand. The weather found here is extreme for Thailand meaning in the colder months the temperatures can drop below freezing before spiking up to some of highest heat in the country during the summer. Known as “the land of seas of mountains,” the Mekong River separates Loei from Laos.

Well off the beaten path, Loei offers travelers touring Thailand a special blend of cultures and customs from its ethnically diverse people that results in a variety of dialects and traditions, but it’s the untouched beauty of the mountains and forests here, much of it protected by a plethora of national parks, that provides the biggest draw for tourists. Phu Kradung, Phu Luang, and Phu Reua National Parks provide some of the province’s most treasured sights.

In December and January, the temperatures at higher elevations allow for an actual fall season, an incredibly rare thing in this part of the world. Watching the bright green of the foliage fade to dusky reds and sharp yellows is a rare treat for travelers on luxury tours of Thailand.

Best Time to Visit Loei:

The best weather is from November to January here. June through October rainfall causes the country side to bloom, and the highest temperatures fall between March and May.

How to get to Loei:

Amnant Charoen is the capital city of Amnant Charoen Province in rural Northeastern Thailand. It’s best reached by private vehicle departing from Central Thailand.

Loei Highlights:

A rural destination well-beyond traditional Thai tourist areas, Amnant Charoen is a great place to leave the beaten path and taste the unique flavors of Issan culture in the northeast.

Appropriate Attire :

Western style clothing is fine in town, but if you’re heading out to enjoy the majestic countryside dress for a hike.