Lopburi Monkey Festival Tour


What is Lopburi Monkey Festival?

The Monkey Festival in the city of Lop Buri, Thailand is a celebration of the town’s macaque residents.

Held annually since 1989, the Monkey Festival is a splendid buffet presented to the city’s monkey population at the 12th century, Khmer style Pra Sam Yot temple. The celebration begins around 10 a.m. with dancing and performances, and leads into the unveiling of a vegetarian feast spread on the temple grounds for the monkeys to enjoy.

The buffet is usually consumed in short order by the macaques, and many visitors compare the spectacle to a primate version of The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. It’s a rare treat for visitors on luxury tours of Thailand that should not be missed.

When is Lopburi Monkey Festival?

The annual festival falls in late November, and visitors on Thailand tours should make advance plans to ensure they arrive in time for what has been called one of the world’s strangest festivals.

Where is Lopburi Monkey Festival Celebrated?

Lop Buri is less than 100 miles North of Thailand’s capital of Bangkok, and is easily accessed by private vehicle in about 3 hours. The Monkey Festival takes place mainly inside Pra Sam Yot temple.

Lopburi Monkey Festival Highlights:

One of the most unique festivals on the planet, Lop Buri’s Monkey Festival entices travelers of all stripes and itineraries to witness what is quite possibly the most unique buffet in the world.

Appropriate Attire:

Since the festival takes place primarily on the temple grounds of Pra Sam Yot, it’s best for foreign visitors to dress modestly by covering their shoulders, arms, and legs as a sign of respect for the religious site.