Phichit Travel Information


Phichit Description:

Phichit has a long history steeped in legend. Established in the 11th century, Phichit was a vassal city to the Ayutthaya Kingdom of northern Thailand, and then later the Sukhothai Kingdom.

Known as the “land of crocodiles,” the huge lizards that reside in the Nan and Yom Rivers that flow past town have been a large part of local mythologies for centuries. According to local legends, Chalawan the King of Crocodiles lived in the waters around town preying on the citizens of Phichit.

After the King of Crocodiles abducted the beautiful daughter of a wealthy merchant, the girl’s father offered a large sum of money to whoever could defeat the demi-god and bring home his daughter. A young man named Krai Thong entered Tham Chalawan, the beast’s golden cave, defeating the creature with guile and a little magic loaned from a local crocodile tamer. Today, Tham Chalawan is a myth shrouded stop on tours of Thailand.

Muang Kao Historical Park is less than 3 miles south of town, and the ruins of the ancient century hold the city pillar, a shrine said to contain the spirit guardian of Phicit, among other ancient structures that are well worth viewing on a luxury tour of Thailand.

Best Time to Visit Phichit:

June through October rains in the area are light and make the rivers and swamps around the city particularly beautiful. The highest temperatures fall between March and May, and Phitchit’s best weather is from November to January.

How to get to Phichit:

Phichit is the capital of Phichit Province in the lower region of Northern Thailand. Best reached by private vehicle using Thailand’s modern roads, the town is a great stop heading to or from the cultural capital of Chiang Mai.

Phichit Highlights:

A unique destination with a rich cultural and mythological history surrounded by national parks and diverse ecological zones, Phichit is a worthy stop on any tour of Thailand.

Appropriate Attire:

Western wear is fine for most excursions, but if you plan to visit any temples while in Phichit, it’s best to dress conservatively by covering shoulders, arms, and knees while on holy ground.