Prachuap Khiri Khan Travel Information

This province boasts stunning coastline along the Gulf of Thailand, which includes some lovely beaches. The area is bordered to the north by Phetburi and to the south by Chumphon. This is where Thailand slims down to its skinniest--at one point only 11 km separates Burma to the west and the Gulf of Thailand to the east. It's a pleasant, friendly town, bristling with energy -- full of enterprising ethnic Chinese Thais who go about their business without centering their lives on tourism.

The name Prachuap Khiri Khan means 'land of many mountains' and stems from the range lying near Burma. The "monkey temple", Wat Thammikaram, is just north of town on a steep hill. A monkey fountain statue is situated at the base of the hill and many monkeys live in the temple. The temple provides excellent views of the bay and countryside, and many locals there go to feed or watch the monkeys. The view from the top of Chong Khra Chok hill is magnificent, and with fishing being the town's main industry, the superb seafood is another excellent reason to visit.

The city was originally known as Muang Bang Nong Rom and it was more or less abandoned after the fall of Ayutthaya towards the end of the 18th century. It was rebuilt at the mouth of the Klong 1 Ron River during the 19th century, when its modern name of Prachuap Khiri Khan was adopted. The town is situated on the Gulf coast on Ao Prachuap, a wide, scenic bay bracketed to the north and south by large limestone outcroppings.