Railay Beach Travel Information


Railay Beach Description:

Encapsulated by karst formations where it meets the mainland and only accessible by boat, Railay peninsula feels like one of the many islands in the Andaman Archipelago.

Bright beaches, quiet coves, stunning caves, and excellent snorkeling draw travelers on luxury tours of Thailand to Railay. It’s not uncommon to see climbers scaling the famous limestone rock formations that protrude across the peninsula while enjoying the beaches and stunning ocean here. Dotted with dense mangroves and surrounded by craggy rock formations, the peninsula offers pristine beauty to guests on Thailand tours.

Beyond Railay’s sandy shores, the karst formations and jungles of the peninsula hold plenty of unique sights for travelers on tours of Thailand to discover. Pranang-nai’s (Diamond Cave) glittering stalagmites lure travelers through stunning limestone complexes hewn by rain and tides. Hidden from view by skyscraper-like karst formations, the sheltered waters of Railay Lagoon can be accessed by a steep trek through the jungle. This natural treasure is dotted with trees and plants clinging to nearly sheer walls of stone, and is one of the most memorable destinations on a tour of Thailand.

Best Time to Visit Railay Beach:

Railay’s best weather is from November through March. The rains that fall during the April to October wet season can make the seas choppy, but the island’s vegetation is particularly lush this time of year and the cooler temperatures make for great hiking weather.

How to get to Railay Beach:

Railay is in the Southern Thailand province of Krabi. The peninsula’s sheltered beaches are best reached via charted boat launching from Ao Nang or Krabi Town.

Krabi Province is best reached by flight from Bangkok or abroad via Krabi International Airport.

Railay Beach Highlights:

The beauty of Railay’s beaches and coves produce the kind of travel pictures you’ll be sharing with your friends for decades. This family friendly locale is a destination that should not be missed on any Thailand tour itinerary.

Appropriate Attire :

Swimwear is a must at this secluded beach destination.