Sa Kaeo Travel Information

The trading center of Sa Kaeo is situatued on the easter border of Thailand and Combodia. Dating back to the Suwannaphum period, the province is home to some of the most amazing archeological sites.

The province covers over 7,000 square kilometers. Sa Kaeo is divided into seven districts and two sub-districts: Amphoe Muang, Amphoe Watthana Nakhon, Amphoe Aranyaprathet, Amphoe Ta Phraya, Amphoe Khao Chakan, Amphoe Wang Nam Yen, Amphoe Khlong Hat, King Amphoe Khok Sung, and King Amphoe Wang Somboon.

Sa Kaeo is home to Pang Sida National Park, located in the mountainous highlands of the northern part of the province. The south is dominated by expansive plains with a few rolling hills until you reach the Chanthaburi mountain range.