The Canals of Thonburi Travel Information


The Canals of Thonburi Description:

In the 18th century Bangkok was often referred to as the Venice of the East because of the many canals dividing the city. While today’s Bangkok is a thriving metropolis of skyscrapers, metro rail, and paved streets, travelers on luxury tours of Thailand can drift back through time on the Canals of Thonburi to experience Old Bangkok’s buoyant mystique.

Navigating the canals on the Eastern side of the Chao Phraya River that bisects Bangkok by boat, travelers gain access to the Klong Lad Mayom, Taling Chan, and Wat Sai floating markets where Thai vendors still proffer their wares from boats resting on the water the way their ancestors did.

Wat Arun, The Temple of Dawn, and The Royal Barge Museum are also in this area of the city, and easily reached while exploring Bangkok’s ancient canals on a tour of Thailand.

Best Time to Visit The Canals of Thonburi:

The highest temperatures run March through May, and the heaviest rainfall is from June through August.

The best time to visit is between October and February to enjoy the balmy weather.

How to get to The Canals of Thonburi:

The Canals of Thonburi run west of the River Chao Phraya that bisects Bangkok. A short trip across the river from the city's Rattanakosin historic area, the Thornburi's water ways are best accessed and navigated using a chartered private boat.

The Canals of Thonburi Highlights:

Drifting leisurely down the canals in a private boat is an excursion no one's luxury tour in Thailand would be complete without.

Appropriate Attire:

Western wear is fine for the boat travel and market, but if you plan to visit Wat Arun or any other holy site, dress conservatively by covering your shoulders, arms, and legs while on holy ground.