Trat Travel Information

Located 315 kilometers from Bangkok, Trat is a small province bordering Cambodia along the Khao Banthat mountain range. 52 islands combined with white sand beaches and coral reefs make up this province. Trat is a prime destination for nature-lovers seekeing a relaxing getaway.

The Ko Chang islands begin at the city of Trat; these islands are famous for their shopping, with more markets comparitavely than any other city in Thailand. Of particular note is the gem market in the Boi Rai district, only 50 kilometers from the Cambodian border. Ruby-mining is a major industry in this province.

Trat spans 2,819 square kilometers and is divided into five districts and two sub-districts: Muang, Khao Saming, Laem Ngop, Khlong Yai and Bo Rai; and Ko Chang and Ko Kut.

Trat’s climate is warm and comfortable throughtout the year, however due to heavy northeastern and southeastern winds during the May - October monsoon season, travel to some of the islands can be difficult. Often ferries and smaller boats will not be able to travel across the western coast during this period, however travellers can still visit the islands northeast of Ko Chang.