Easy Tours of Thailand plans and coordinates your visit so you'll get the most out of your travels in Thailand. If you're not going with us, you're wasting time (because of painfully slow travel and endless delays) that would be better spent at any of Thailand's memorable destinations.

Travel journals on Thailand often romanticize train, bus, and other road travel. Travel and tour service providers usually forget to emphasize the drawbacks of these forms of travel. You can easily spend more than half the time that you're awake in tedious and unpleasant travel between destinations. This is why we prefer to fly you almost everywhere your plans will take you.

Guests can request travel on trains or roads. As an example, what you ask for in Build Your Own Tours may require train and/or road travel. There are also excursions such as the 'Palace on Wheels' and the "Deccan Odyssey' train journeys that some guests may want to experience. Please include such requests in the comments section of your query.