Beach in Phuket
Phuket, thailand

"No trip to Thailand is complete without a couple of days on beautiful sandy beaches and snorkeling in clear blue water.

It’s no wonder why Phuket, Thailand’s largest island, is one of the hottest destinations.

But if not planned carefully, one can miss out on the experience every traveler has been boasting about."

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Monsoon Season

Phuket Weather

Beginning in May all the way throughh October is when phuket experieneces what seems like endless amount of rainfall

Rain in Phuket
Sun in Phuket

Months with the Best Weather:

November - March


The excesssive amount of rain during monsson season leads to high todes making the beach unsafe to swim That's why Easy Tours Inc. recommends their clients to explore Southern Gulf Islands during that time, such as Koh Samaui and Koh Tao.

Peak Season

Planning to trade cold winds and snow shaveling for sunshine and scuba diving ? Yeah, so is everyone else.

Most tourists flock to phuket between the months of December and February, also knnown as a Peak Season.

Sea In Phuket

June and July are probably the best months to avoid the herd of tourists. You may experience some rain but chances are you'll have at least a few days in the sun and less elbows to rub against.

Peak season is the most expensive time to go. Flights and hotels can increase up to 50% more compared to other seasons.

Building IN Phuket

If you are budget-minded, prices for flights become cheaper beginning in May. Costs for hotels are cheapest in September when the area experiences the most rain.

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