When can you travel to India? Updated June 12th, 2021

India Travel Reopening Updates: June 12th, 2021
India is getting better after a horrific surge of the coronavirus where its positive caseloads climbed far higher than any nation has recorded during the pandemic. The vast nation of close to 1.4 billion residents is currently reporting just under 100,000 cases daily, after reaching a peak of 400,000 during early May. Although fatality rates are below what western nations have recorded, it is obvious that these numbers, along with the number of covid-19 infections, is significantly under reported. India started vaccinating well after the west and currently only a very small fraction of its residents is vaccinated, while the process has slowed down because of a dearth of vaccines despite the fact that India is the global leader in vaccine production. The Indian central government has taken over more of the vaccination process recently from the state governments.

When will India reopen for tourism from other countries?
India closed its borders for international tourism in the middle of March, 2020. As of now, no date has been announced for its reopening. Based on the resurgent virus and informal conversations with the government’s tourism department, our India offices believe that their nation’s borders should open for select tourists by late fall 2021. Please note that domestic tourism had been flourishing in India over the past 8 months, but has now come to a halt due to lockdowns, restrictions, and a growth in public awareness of the extreme severity of the pandemic in their nation.

What requirements will there be for incoming tourists?
It is Easy Tours’ opinion that general tourism in India will initially require proof of credible vaccine inoculations and some level of testing may also probably be required.

Is it safe to visit India?
Not including the pandemic and its tragic toll on the nation. India has always been a safe destination as the country has a very sophisticated private medical infrastructure, and excellent care is available for all Easy Tours travelers for any healthcare requirements.

Luxury Tour availability
Easy Tours offers escorted private luxury tours in the Indian subcontinent for travel dates starting on January 5th, 2022 with flexible terms as outlined below, although earlier dates can be tentatively booked for those interested in doing so. Easy Tours will not operate our Small Group Tours in India until fall 2022 as we are not comfortable facilitating joint travel for guests who are not from the same household or family/friends circle before then.

Cancellation options related to Covid-19.

Cancellations due to freshly imposed entry or other significant travel restrictions by the Indian Government: If Easy Tours is forced to cancel your tour due to entry restrictions imposed by the Indian government, Easy Tours will inform our guests within 2 business days of our in-country offices becoming aware of this fact, and all guest payments will be credited towards future India travel with Easy Tours. Please note that this does not apply to international flight costs, the contract for which exists solely between the guest(s) and the airline.

Guest Decision to Cancel Travel: For travel ending by February 28th, 2022, if a guest decides that they are not comfortable in traveling to India for any reason, including the virus, they will have the option to have their payments credited for India travel before December 20th, 2023 as long as 45 days remain before their tour start date. If less than 45 days remain, or if any of your travel dates are after February 2022, our standard cancellation costs will apply, and refunds, if any are applicable, will be processed according to our standard terms and conditions. Along with our luxury hotel partners, we expect tourism to boom from early 2022 onward due to pent-up demand.

Care for our guests’ wellbeing.
Our tours currently follow these three protocols to ensure our guests wellbeing, and to provide seamless and rewarding experiences:

1. Lodging: We only offer the top luxury hotels and resorts, all of whom have established, and proven, a very strong commitment to the wellbeing of guests and staff. This currently includes daily screening of all staff, screening of incoming guests, very vigorous ongoing sanitizing procedures and practices, availability of on-call physicians, and a lot more.

2. Guides: You will be assigned one Accompanying Tour Director (Expert Licensed Guide for either North or South India) who will greet you when you arrive, and then facilitate all your activities, including serving as your expert guide, throughout your time with us. Our previous guests know that Easy Tours has the best Tour Director’s, and these colleagues will be screened before starting their services with you.

3. Vehicles and chauffeurs: Your vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized each morning, and hand sanitizer will be available to you in your vehicle at all times. You will have the same chauffeur and vehicle throughout your tour, unless your tour includes multiple regions/countries that require a flight.