Easy ToursTravel In India Reopening Requirements

When can you travel to India? Updated December 11th, 2021

India Tourism is Open for Vaccinated Travelers: December 11th, 2021
India is Open for Vaccinated Visitors from the United States! After 20 months of not permitting any tourism visitors from abroad, India is now open for vaccinated visitors from select nations, including the United States. We currently have multiple guests in India, and they are all telling our in-country colleagues that they are having a great experience.

Care for our guests’ wellbeing.
For the foreseeable future, our tours will rigorously follow the following protocols to ensure our guests wellbeing, and to provide seamless and rewarding experiences:

1. Vaccinated Service Providers: All our colleagues (Tour Director Guides, Chauffeurs) and ALL the luxury hotel staff who you will encounter are already completely vaccinated with credible and highly rated vaccines, and will continue to get booster shots as needed and recommended. They will always wear masks around you and ample disinfectant will be used in your vehicle on a daily basis. Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes will be available throughout your day as you experience India, and at your hotels.

2. Hotels & Dining: We only offer the top luxury hotels and resorts, all of whom have established, and proven, a very strong commitment to the wellbeing of guests and staff. This currently includes daily screening of all staff, very vigorous ongoing sanitizing procedures and practices, availability of on-call physicians, and a lot more.

3. Guides: You will be assigned one Accompanying Tour Director (Expert Licensed Guide for either North or South India) who will greet you when you arrive, and then facilitate all your activities, including serving as your expert guide, throughout your time with us. Our previous guests know that Easy Tours has the best Tour Director Guides, and these colleagues will be screened before starting their services with you.

4. Vehicles and chauffeurs: Your vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized each morning, and hand sanitizer will be available to you in your vehicle at all times. You will have the same chauffeur and vehicle throughout your tour, unless your tour includes multiple regions/countries that require a flight.

Covid-19 Current Conditions: The vast nation of 1.4 billion residents is currently reporting between 8,000 and 10,000 cases daily, an extremely low number based on its population. India started vaccinating after the west but has since upped its vaccination efforts. Well over 1.3 billion shots have been administered so far, India’s government hopes to have most of its adult population vaccinated by the end of the year. The silver lining on the horrible surge that the nation underwent during spring has also led to a high level of immunity in the general population – a large national serological study in early summer, before most of the vaccinations, showed that more than two thirds of the population had antibodies, without about 90% of the participants being vaccinated.

What are the requirements for incoming tourists?
Visitors are required to undergo a PCR Covid-19 test before departure and are subject to one (currently 2% of guests arriving from the United States) at the airport upon arrival (short, very inexpensive, and easy process – they only contact you later if you test positive), with no quarantine requirements after that. If your flight transits through a nation that India considers a high-risk country, the on-arrival test is mandatory. You are required to submit your vaccination card and Covid-19 test results on a government portal before you board your flight to India.

Luxury Tours & Vacations Availability
Easy Tours is currently offering private luxury tours and luxury escorted vacations in the Indian subcontinent to fully vaccinated travelers. Easy Tours will operate our Small Group Tours in India starting February 2022 and, as per India’s tourism reopening requirements, these are only available to fully vaccinated explorers.

Is it safe to visit India?
India has always been a safe destination. The country has a very sophisticated private medical infrastructure, and excellent care is available for all Easy Tours travelers for any healthcare requirements.