Da Nang Travel Information


Da Nang Description:

Da Nang is a thriving port city in Central Vietnam bounded by the Marble Mountains and stunning beaches of the Son Tra Peninsula.

The ancient Champa Kingdom, a Hindu state that was heavily influenced by Indian culture, flourished in the region between the 4th and 17th centuries. The people that inhabited the Champa Kingdom mostly worshiped the Hindu deity Lord Shiva, and created numerous temples filled with splendid sculptures heavily influenced by the aesthetics of early Indian kingdoms. Da Nang’s Museum of Cham Sculpture is an excellent repository of artifacts and sculptures found in the region. Several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, like the ruins found in My Son, are splendid examples of the now extinct Champa civilization that can easily be reached from the city.

Da Nang’s Son Tra Peninsula is a stunning beach resort area on the edge of the city’s coastline. The undeveloped beachfront areas give travelers a chance to play castaway a stone’s throw from the bustling heart of Da Nang. The Linh Ung Buddhist Temple on the peninsula features splendid views of the ocean and bay area, and is worth a visit.

The Marble Mountains to the south of Da Nang shelter a number of Buddhist and Hindu grottoes filled with religious iconography. The pinnacle of Thuy Son Mountain can be reached by climbing a series of 156 steps. The summit offers pilgrims and travelers stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Best Time to Visit Da Nang:

The weather in Central Vietnam is generally at its best between October and March when the temperatures are warm, and the weather mostly dry. The ambient temperature steadily rises along with the chance for rainfall between May and September.

How to get to Da Nang:

Da Nang rests on the coast of the South China Sea in Central Vietnam about halfway between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The city can be reached by direct flight to Da Nang International Airport, or by overland travel using our private vehicle service while on a luxury tours of Vietnam.

Da Nang Highlights:

Da Nang is a bustling modern city studded with both ancient remnants of bygone civilizations and colonial French architecture. While it’s generally used as transport hub by most travelers, the vibrant mix of ancient history, thriving city life, and pristine beaches means there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Central Vietnam’s largest city.

Appropriate Attire :

For most excursions Western-style clothing choices are fine, but if you’re planning to visit any of the religious sites in the Marble Mountains it’s best to dress modestly by covering arms, shoulders, and knees while sightseeing on holy ground.