Ang Thong Travel Information


Ang Thong Description:

Ang Thong is a small town acting as the administrative seat of Ang Thong province.

A quiet town and province, Ang Thong is usually used as a rest stop as travelers head further north towards Chiang Mai. But those that stay longer on their luxury tours of Thailand quickly find the open rice fields hide many cultural treasures for travelers to discover.

While the giant golden Buddha of Wat Phinitthammasan(an over 300 feet high image of Buddha painted in gold) just outside the edge of town is surely the largest draw to the area, it's just one of many sights waiting to be found. There are around 200 various temples in the area frequented by both travelers and religious pilgrims, and villages that specialize in crafting hand made goods like drums, wicker baskets, and even dolls.

Best Time to Visit Ang Thong:

Rains during July and August usually keep the number of visitors to the area low, but the lower temperatures are a welcome respite from the high heat in March and May.

The best time to visit the area is October thru February when temperatures are mild.

How to get to Ang Thong:

About two hours north of Thailand's capital Bangkok, Ang Thong is easily reached by private vehicle using the country's modern roads.

Ang Thong Highlights:

Previously seen as little more than a bump in the road, Ang Thong is increasingly becoming a popular destination on the road north to Chiang Mai.

Appropriate Attire :

If you're visiting any of the many temples, it's best to dress conservatively while on holy grounds. For all else, western wear is acceptable.