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As no one can currently predict when pandemic restrictions will allow each individual to have access to Bhutan, we will not operate our Small Group Tours until at least late 2021.

Our Fully Escorted Private Luxury Tours of Bhutan will strictly follow protocols of robust hygiene processes, and will ensure that our guests have minimal or no contact with anyone other than their one and only Tour Director (Accompanying Guide) and chauffeur(s), who will be screened regularly.

Our luxury lodging partners are also practicing exemplary hygiene, social distancing, and regular staff screenings.

Bhutan is the last magical kingdom on our planet. The nation’s stated goal is to have a high GNP index; they measure gross national happiness, not GDP. A unique form of Buddhism is practiced here, and the ancient dzongs (Monastic Fortresses) are an architectural and cultural delight. + Read More

The passion and knowledge of our staff and the extreme attention to detail that we put into every aspect of your Bhutan tour is what separates us from the rest. We only offer mid-level to ultra-luxury travel, and so we never compromise on our level of service so as to compete with budget Bhutan travel agents that focus solely on price. Over a third of our guests are repeat customers and referrals because they recognize that we have the best values for the level of travel and service we provide.

The following sample itineraries exemplify our commitment to creating unique, luxurious Bhutan holidays. Travelers can use our interactive tour design tools or consult with a Bhutan Specialist to create a customized itinerary.

We also offer a unique set of pre-made Bhutan vacation itineraries for our guests to choose from. The selected itineraries can be chosen based on a guest's time of travel, duration of visit, and travel goals. These Bhutan tour packages can be customized by a Travel Specialist as needed.

The best Bhutan tours help explorers meet their travel goals and absorb the local culture while maintaining world-class levels of service. By speaking with our dedicated Travel Specialists, we can help you tailor a Bhutan holiday to your exact specifications.

Where Should You Go in Bhutan?

Often fought over by colonizers and neighbors but rarely held, Bhutan is a destination best known for its resilient but affable people, vibrant culture, and beautiful scenery studded with ancient monuments.


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