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The Best Private Tours of India

Our luxury India tours were expressly created for mature explorers who don’t want to be rushed. Easy Tours is a small boutique agency and we only offer great guides and top upscale lodging. Over 70% of our business today is repeat and referral.


All tours are not created equal, nor are all travel companies. Since 2004, our local presence and expertise in India has empowered Easy Tours in facilitating unmatched bespoke travel experiences in India.

We use the word ‘Tours’ for want of a better term. We intelligently plan and meticulously orchestrate fascinating explorations of India that you get the best experiences during your time touring India.

We know what seasoned luxury explorers enjoy. Our guests like a diverse mix of culture, local colors, history, and insights into the everyday lives of the locals. To top that off, all our private explorations can be customized to your preferences. Our guests also enjoy wonderful lodging and service, and Easy Tours only uses better rooms at each of our destination’s curated upscale hotels.

Since 2004, our guides and other local colleagues are one of the main reasons for our guest feedback from our guests. For Easy Tours, the seven most important principals, in sequence, are:

1. Zero Pressure Planning, and All Subsequent, Processes
2. Well planned itinerary planning based on your preferences
3. Great Guides that are passionate about India and Your Experience
4. Wonderful 5-star lodging with great rooms
5. Flexibility on activities and experiences at each destination
6. Unmatched Value on the best Upscale India Tours
7. White Glove Service Throughout

10 Best Places to Visit in India

A list of India's most fascinating destinations, in no particular order, where you can experience unique local culture, amazing UNESCO World Heritage Sites, breathtaking scenery, and India's incredible colors.



Taj Mahal and 2 other UNESCO World Heritage Sites



India's Capital. Historical and Cultural Hub, plus 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites


Varanasi (Benares)

Oldest Continuously Inhabited City on Earth - the Holy Ganga flows through it


Cochin (Kochi)

Lush Tropical Jewel of South India, completely different from North India



560 miles of interconnected canals, lakes, and rivers in a gorgeous tropical setting



1 of 3 cities in the Golden Triangle - Amazing Color & Culture - 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites



Hills, Lakes, and Amazing Palaces - Rajasthan's Prettiest City - Slower Paced Small City


Ajanta and Ellora

India’s Most Awe-Inspiring Archaeological Gems – both UNESCO World Heritage Sites



Authentic ancient Rajasthani Village with a 17th Century Royal Lodge



One of India's Premier Tiger Sanctuaries - Easier access than most National Wildlife Parks

The Best Time to Visit India

If your goal is to avoid higher temperatures, October to March is the best time to visit India. Our small group tours of India operate during these months. But this is a subjective issue based on your preferences and so our escorted private tours operate throughout the year.

The Best Time to Visit Wildlife Parks

Most of North India’s National Wildlife Sanctuaries are closed from July 1st until October 1st. Over 85% of our guests get one or more Bengal Tiger sightings at all our chosen parks.

The Best Time to Visit North India

October through early April are the relatively cooler months, and temperatures can be fairly cold between mid-December and late January. Our small group tours operate during the cooler months.

The Best Time to Visit South India

At South India's coastal destinations, such as Kochi, which is included on our longer small group tours, and Goa that we offer as a beach extension after our luxury escorted private tours, temperature change throughout the year is minimal, and it is always fairly hot.

Wildlife Safaris in India

India is home to tens of thousands of animal & bird species. They all play an integral part in Indian society, history, and day to day existence. Enjoy an escorted small group tour of India with Easy Tours and experience one of India’s premier Wildlife Sanctuary’s that is home to many of these species.

Our founder started visiting Indian wildlife parks in the early 70s, and these sanctuaries soon became a passion for him. The India Specialists at Easy Tours love to hear him recount those days, when the infrastructure for both travel and lodging was primitive compared to today, yet the experiences were, just like today, unforgettable. We hear of bareback elephant rides into remote parts of the jungle, and of chance tiger encounters while on foot! He has enjoyed hundreds of safaris in India over the past four decades and personally designs each of our wildlife itineraries.

Holi Festival tours
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Visa for India

India requires visas for almost all foreign visitors. Although Easy Tours does its best to provide the most current information on our site and in our correspondence, we do not guarantee the accuracy of such information and it is solely the traveler's responsibility to acquire their visa for India. Charges for the India Visa, are not included in quoted tour costs.

Please make certain that your passport has over six months of validity remaining at the time of travel. Also, your passport should have at least two blank pages upon entry.

The e-Tourist Visa offers 3 lengths of validity options - a 30 Day Visa with Double Entry (non-extendable and non-convertible), a 365 Days (One Year) Visa with Multiple Entry, or a Five Years Visa with Multiple Entry, all from the date of issue. We recommend at least the 1-year visa. Turn around is usually within 3 to 4 business days. Please apply anytime 30 to 60 days in advance before your arrival date in India:

More About Easy Tours

Having facilitated the top-rated escorted tours of India for North American travelers since 2004, Easy Tours knows what makes for a truly memorable exploration. We believe that the three most important parts of the best India tours are well planned itineraries, great guides, and boutique luxury hotels.

We are able to offer the best small group and private tours of India for upscale explorers because we understand what our guests enjoy. Our guests like a diverse mix of culture, local colors, history, and insights into the everyday lives of the locals. Easy Tours focuses on providing such experiences.

Because we know great food and a good night's sleep are an integral part of the best India tours, we offer options between gourmet regional cuisine and fine western fare. We use the best upscale hotels, resorts, and jungle lodges in India that provide exemplary service.

We feel that the most important facet of the best tour packages in India is your guide's and chauffeur's passion for, and knowledge of, their homeland. It is human interactions that make up a discerning explorers' fondest memories, not how many sights, or cities, they visited while touring. Our guests tend to wax poetic about our colleagues, and write many paragraphs about them in their reviews!

Passion leads to excellence, and our guests interact with people deeply committed to your satisfaction all through the reservation and travel experience. This is a key reason why about 70% of our guests are repeat and referral travelers today, and our reviewers consistently state that we are not just the best tour operator in India, we are unmatched in the world! Please take a minute or two to read some of our guest reviews. You will notice that almost all our guests, during their exploration, develop relationships with Easy Tours' guides, chauffeurs, and travel facilitators. We have many guests from over a decade and a half ago that, even today, maintain relationships with our India based colleagues.