There are also exotic and lesser known destinations in India that stay cool during summer. The Hotels & Resorts are priced higher during the summer months. You can choose to combine the amazing values at the mainstream destinations, with fascinating destinations that are cool in summer.

Easy Tours offers a unique selection of Small Group and Private Tours during the spring and summer. You can choose to only experience India’s iconic attractions, combine them with destinations with cool temperatures, or just enjoy the latter.


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Karnataka in Summer

One of Indian tourism’s best kept secrets is the state of Karnataka. Most of Karnataka is located on the great Deccan Plateau, a bastion of traditional Hinduism, existing in confluence with South Asia’s premier IT region. This incredibly scenic plateau provides explorers a fascinating culture, incredible history, as well as cool temperatures during the summer. From June through September the average high is below 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 Centigrade), and great cultural, natural, and historical options are located throughout the state. For example, Hampi is one of the world’s most amazing archaeological sites, scenic Nagarhole is one of India’s premier Wildlife Parks, the ancient temples at Belur and Halebud offer massive quantities of stone sculptures whose intricacy surpasses anything on our planet, and cloud laden and picturesque Coorg, with its coffee plantations and unique culture, is known as India’s Scotland for very good reason. Because of the cool weather, the upscale and luxury Hotels in this region do not discount their pricing during the summer – see Karnataka Tours.


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