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India’s Best Wildlife Tours

Our luxury Wildlife Safari Tours boast the same luxury, service, and exclusivity as our regular tours. These exceptional wildlife experiences are designed and facilitated with a level of personal knowledge and experience unmatched in our industry.

You will stay in amazing luxury Jungle Lodges and your safaris will be in your Private Jeep with your own forest guide. The Wildlife Parks we offer on these tours are widely recognized as the best in India for sightings of the Bengal Tiger and the Indian Leopard. As with all our tours, our trip routing and planning is unmatched.

Our founder started visiting Indian wildlife parks over four decades ago and these sanctuaries soon became a passion for him. The India Specialists at Easy Tours love to hear him recount those days, when the infrastructure for both travel and lodging were primitive compared to today, yet the experiences were, just like today, unforgettable. He has enjoyed hundreds of safaris in India over the past four decades and personally designs each of our wildlife itineraries.

A Wildlife Tour Review by Mr. James H. Willis

Private Tour Rating(5/5)

In November 2016 I spent three weeks in the National Parks of India and am posting to recommend my specialized travel agent Easy Tours, located in the greater Austin, TX area. I have focused, specialized goals and needs as a freelance international wildlife and nature photographer, and I wanted to enter and depart the chaos and turmoil that is India as seamlessly as possible. Easy Tours arranged drivers with comfortable private vehicles, private "Gypsy" vehicles in Ranthambhore and Bandhavgarh National Parks, solo boat travel on the Chambal River Preserve, and hotels and domestic air flights. They listened very carefully to my special needs for a hard-working and efficient trip and I was free to photograph undistracted by other jabbering tourists, boat or vehicle rockers, etc.; I spent long hours with quality professional guides and no distractions, got the photos I needed and wasted no time in cliched urban tourist spots. Placing my trust in Easy Tours saved me immense hassle. This group listens, customizes, then delivers!

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How we Facilitate the Best Wildlife Tours in India

Our wildlife tours in India are rated the best as they combine a synergistic knowledge of India’s many wildlife parks (including lodging and safari options), the desires and preferences of discerning guests, and the current and foreseeable conditions at the parks.

Our dedicated staff of Wildlife Specialists maintains a constantly evolving knowledge base on India’s best wildlife parks, including the current conditions of the sanctuaries, the number of seasonal wildlife sightings, and local road and weather conditions that could impact wildlife sighting opportunities.

We facilitate the best wildlife tours in India because we combine a keen understanding of the expectations and needs of western visitors with the realities of the logistics involved in navigating India’s best wildlife parks. We strive to only use the most skilled and experienced guides and trackers available.

Planning your wildlife tour in India is also easier when you consult with one of our Specialists because we have the ability to arrange all aspects of your tour, giving you the option of combining other pursuits such as explorations of the rest of India and/or other nations in South Asia. Please choose from the selection of unique and well thought out itineraries offered above, or ask us to design a visit to include the parks or wildlife you'd like to experience.