About Easy Tours

Mission Statement

In today's bustling marketplace of tour operators and travel facilitators, there is a compelling need for a company that is motivated not by making as many sales as possible, but whose primary focus is the quality of the travel experience that they provide. When every other business is focused on numbers, whether sales or how many destinations can be crammed into a certain period, Easy Tours grasps and appreciates the sanctity of truly discovering a rich foreign culture and its history, and we are eager to guide travelers that share this appreciation. Easy Tours is not a good fit for tourists that want a rushed tour so as to cross South Asia of their checklist and/or are focused solely on price.


Who we are

Easy Tours was incorporated in the United States in December 2004. We opened our first office in South Asia in 2005 and by 2016 had opened 13 more, covering all the key destinations in South Asia where our guests visit.

Easy Tours is a boutique agency and our 4.8 guest satisfaction score (out of 5) makes us the highest rated provider of luxury travel and tours in South Asia. Since 2004 we are operating as the premier Immersive Travel Company for South Asia.

We are unique in the fact that we are both the Tour Operator (incorporated in the United States) and the DMC (Destination Management Company, incorporated in South Asia). We have a U.S. based staff of South Asia Specialists to assist our guests, and we have 14 well-staffed offices in South Asia's major tourism destinations.

Most Tour Operators are middlemen with a large sales department. This sales department sells packages to destinations they know little about. They then hand over the client to local DMCs to facilitate the tour and, in most cases, the DMC hands over the client to multiple small operators that specialize in one given location or area. In South Asia almost all of these DMCs cater to clients of all levels - from budget to luxury.

Easy Tours is a true boutique operator. We only offer mid-level to ultra-luxury tours and, because we are not a middleman, our tours are a great value.

Our staff in South Asia (including the chauffeurs, tour directors, guides and others) is trained on an ongoing basis so as to meet our stringent requirements for travel facilitation and guest satisfaction.

We reward our staff with above average wages and a culture of recognition and bonuses. This results in almost no turnover and gives Easy Tours the ability to hire and retain the very best.

Easy Tours plans and coordinates travel so that our guests get the most out of their exploration of South Asia. We start with the premise that our guests' time and money are both very valuable and neither should be wasted.


Boutique Lodging & Luxury Hotels

Luxury hotels in South Asia offer luxuries and service second to none. Our local insight and contacts enable us to secure the best accommodations for your stay in South Asia. Our long term relationships with South Asia's premier hoteliers has resulted in our enjoying preferred availability and an enhanced service level for our guests.


Guest Services & Safety Practices:

Easy Tours has an emergency plan in place in the event of a natural or man-made disaster affecting our guests. Although no travel facilitator, including Easy Tours, can prevent such an event from potentially harming a traveler, our staff is trained and equipped to help resolve most problems quickly. Easy Tours' staff, chauffeurs, and guides have access to the best available resources, and can locate and supply almost anything a visitor might need everywhere but in the most remote locations. Physicians are usually available around the clock at most of the cities in our itineraries. Basic medical care can be arranged at all our destinations. Bottled drinking water is provided throughout our tours.


Insurance/Liability Coverage

Zurich - Tour Operators Professional Liability Insurance Policy - $3,000,000


About This Website

The volume of information on this website may be overwhelming to people without a good working knowledge of South Asia. If you feel that there are too many options, we recommend that you call us for advice and to help you with your travel plans.



Easy Tours Inc. was founded in 2004 by Sunil Trehan, a U.S. based businessman of Indian origin. Sunil had a passion for travel and a passion for the amazing experiences that South Asia had to offer. He had travelled extensively in South Asia, the United States and much of the rest of the world and had experienced the finest service and luxury at all these destinations.

In the late 90's, Sunil was invited to join a few of his friends on a luxury group tour of North India. This tour was operated by one of the world's premier tour operators. He was asked by some of his fellow travelers to design an extension that would cover South India after the North India group tour.

Having planned many journeys through South Asia for himself and his family, Sunil was surprised by the amount of time that was wasted while traveling on coaches during the North India tour, as well as some of the trip routing and excursion planning that the tour entailed. He was frustrated by how rushed the tour was, allowing no time to experience the culture and learn about the amazing history from India's best museums in places like Delhi and Jaipur.

Every single traveler that accompanied Sunil raved about the South India tour and how much superior it was to the Luxury Group Tour of North India. Sunil decided to research what other tour companies were offering in their tours of South Asia. To his surprise he discovered that they were all doing pretty much the same thing that he and his friends had just experienced, albeit at a lower level of luxury in most cases.

To Sunil, the most striking thing was the incredible wastage of time. These itineraries were developed in the 1970s and 1980s, well before the South Asian civil aviation industry's surge in growth. The performance and skills of the Tour Directors and Guides were similarly unchanged - they wearily recited the same old tired monologues as they guided tourists through the attractions. No major tour operator even offered a decent selection of itineraries that included the major attractions of multiple countries in South Asia. Nor did they offer simple tools for a website visitor to plan and design a tour encompassing multiple countries.

Sunil sensed a great opportunity in the inadequacy's of the status-quo. He decided to start a venture that would allow him to work with two of his biggest passions - travel and South Asia.

Easy Tours was incorporated in California and our first offices were leased in El Cerrito. Sunil recruited two key marketing people for the US office. For the first couple of years Easy Tours concentrated on selling our services to travel agencies in the United States. Although some tours were sold, Sunil was severely disappointed by how the most successful agents did not want to deviate from using the same old operators that they used forever. This prompted Sunil to launch www.easytours.travel on the web and to market directly to travelers.

The website was a resounding success from its launch. Sales soared and by 2005 we were sending almost a thousand guests to South Asia every year. In 2006 the guest relations office relocated to Austin, Texas.

Over the years, Easy Tours was approached by DMC's in many countries to become a business partner. We could have gone through rapid expansion by selling many countries even though we did not know all that much about them. This is the modus operandi of almost all major tour operators.

Our founder rebuffed these advances and chose to grow organically, learning about and experiencing each destination very thoroughly before offering it to our guests.

In 2008 Easy Tours expanded its operations to other nations in South Asia, starting with Nepal and Bhutan. By 2013 Easy Tours had expanded to include Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos. In 2015 we will be introducing Sri Lanka.

In May of 2015 we purchased our own office building in Cedar Park (a rapidly growing suburb of Austin) and moved the guest relations office there. About 22 percent of our business is now through travel agent bookings, while about one-third is repeat guests and referrals.

If imitation is the best form of flattery, then we really have reason to be proud. Over the last few years we have seen all the major tour operators change their itineraries to imitate ours. But they are still rushing people too much and they continue to include early morning starts such as 5 am flights.

We have always stayed one step ahead in our offerings and ten steps ahead in our service levels. As an organization that is driven by the dynamic vision of our founder, we are constantly improving ourselves and adjusting our itineraries to take advantage of the improvements in South Asia's infrastructure.

We have an eleven person IT Division in New Delhi and they work under the close supervision of our founder. As the web is our marketplace we have always been on the cutting edge as far as technology related to luxury travel is concerned. This website is revolutionary in design and functionality and is the first ever to incorporate a perfect synergy between the front and back end of tour operations, enabling us to become more efficient in our operations and further enhance the experience we offer our guests.