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Our Timeline

Easy Tours was incorporated in the United States in December 2004 and we opened our first destination management office abroad, in India, at the same time. We now have a presence in the 14 countries we offer.

What We Do

We focus on facilitating authentic luxury travel experiences crafted to gratify your passion for exploration and discovery. We value your time as a top priority and deliver memorable experiences throughout your travels with us. We offer culture, nature, and cuisine focused itineraries for seasoned luxury explorers. Our expertise allows our private luxury plus division, Trehan Journeys, to create memorable customized travel to your preferences, including multi-generational family travel, special interest groups, and soft adventure options.

Our Secret Formula

We are rooted in expertise and luxury. We have in-depth knowledge about the attractions, experiences, and the finest boutique lodging, at our destinations. We reward our colleagues at each destination with above average wages and a culture of recognition and bonuses. You will feel our passion for your travel experience throughout your time with us, starting from your communications with our U.S. offices, and culminating with your appreciation of the knowledge and warmth of your guide and others who assist you during your exploration.

Where We Are

We are based in Austin, TX and also have expert local colleagues at the destinations we offer.

Why I started Easy Tours - by Sunil Trehan

As much as I love travel and the luxury of having someone else make all the arrangements, I had always found organized travel programs, whether group or private tours, to be disappointing in certain ways.

Organized travel took away the hassles of arranging everything myself and also took away most of the risk of unexpected issues that would have arisen due to my ignorance of the unpredictability of how things really work in far away lands. But I always came away thinking that the itineraries had to be designed a decade or two ago and that they ignored genuine opportunities to experience and absorb the culture of each unique nation, as well as advances in local travel infrastructure.

It irritated me that my time was often wasted by the poor travel planning, both during daily activities, and also during travel between destinations. I have to admit I also did not enjoy (and still don't) very early morning or late evening travel, or rushed itineraries that do not allow for time to enjoy the amazing facilities at many luxury hotels.

Last, but not least, I was appalled by the waste that was inherently generated by organized travel companies, from the first moment when I contacted them, until after my travels were over. This included mailed brochures and other communications, paper flight tickets and hotel vouchers, and a lot more.

Upon researching the main reasons behind these inadequacies, I came up with one main conclusion. Almost everything I disliked was a result of the major travel companies having become too large due to their success and growth.

I talked to guides and learned that they didn't want to muddy the water by proposing improvements, and that the company's 'experts' from the U.S. came by periodically and did the same itineraries while being pampered by the luxury hoteliers who had their business.

Nowhere in their systems and processes was (and is today) there an incentive to continuously improve and transform their travel packages. They have all done extremely well for decades and have never felt the need for change in their business model.

Silver Background

What makes us Different:

We are a boutique owner driven business with unmatched destination expertise and we are constantly focused on improving in the effort to provide an ultimate luxury travel experience to you. 70% of our guests today are repeats and referrals. We realize that the best travel experiences can only be provided by a smaller guest focused organization that really values your time, as well as your preferences.

When we design a new itinerary, we start with a blank page and the knowledge about what you really enjoy that you have generously offered us. We encourage feedback from our guides and colleagues at each destination and they tell us what they think is the best way to explore their land, and the experiences they have seen explorers really enjoy. Even when we are not starting anew, as in during our annual itinerary reviews, we repeat the same steps.

Environment and Travel App: Since our inception in 2004 we have been pioneers in using technology to reduce waste and environmental damage. We have always only used electronic communication, including e-contracts, with all our guests. Despite this, we have always provided a plethora of information, by e-mail, on our website, and in the guest's secure personal area on our web-portal. Today, besides all the above, we provide our guests extensive tour and destination related information on an app that can also be used to immediately communicate with our support staff.

Guest Safety Practices and Financial Security

Easy Tours has emergency plans in place in the event of a natural or man-made disaster affecting our guests. Although no travel facilitator, including Easy Tours, can prevent such an event from potentially affecting a traveler, our staff is trained and equipped to help resolve most problems quickly. Easy Tours' staff, chauffeurs, and guides have access to the best available resources, and can locate and supply almost anything a visitor might need. Physicians are available around the clock at almost all the cities in our itineraries.

Travel Insurance and Liability Coverage

We are one of the very few smaller organizations listed as a 'Covered Supplier' with Allianz Global Assistance USA, one of the largest travel insurers on our planet, and offer policies through them for all our luxury travel packages.

We carry a Tour Operators Professional Insurance Policy through Zurich for $3,000,000.

About This Page and This Website

The volume of information on this website may be overwhelming to people without a good working knowledge of their chosen destination(s). If you feel that there are too many options, we recommend that you call us for advice and to help you with your travel plans.

We have always been at the cutting edge as far as technology related to luxury travel is concerned. This website is revolutionary in design and functionality and is the first ever to incorporate a perfect synergy between the front and back end of tour operations, enabling us to become more efficient in our operations and further enhance the experience we offer our guests.

The opinions and all other statements contained on this page and this website are the opinions of Easy Tours management and are subject to change at any time without prior notice.


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