Luxury Lodging

We have an established relationship with the best hotels, resorts, and lodges at our destinations, and we get contracted rates that are well below retail pricing. This allows us to provide you with great values on the best rooms and suites available.

We know the better establishments at the levels we deal in, starting from the moderate luxury of our Premium Level establishments and up to the almost decadent accommodations and services of the very best hotels at our Luxury Level.

Thailand's Best Hotels

Thailand boasts some of the world's finest luxury hotels. Our frequent visits to hotels in Thailand, coupled with the knowledge of our local staff on the ground there, affords us the ability to stay up to date on the best hotel selections available at various price points. We offer three levels of hotel accommodation to satisfy everyone from the traveler on a budget to the traveler who prefers the most luxurious accommodations that a destination has to offer. Our entry level (Premium Level) + Read More

Cambodia's Best Hotels
Amspara Angkor Hotel Myanmar

The bucolic lifestyle, remnants of ancient civilizations, verdant nature, diverse wildlife, and French-influenced cuisine found in Cambodia make it one of the most relaxing destinations in Southeast Asia. With a growing selection of luxury hotels and properties, Cambodia has become one of the top destinations for luxury vacations.

Though Cambodia has fewer luxury hotels and resorts than other destinations in Southeast Asia, these unique properties are every bit as opulent as those found in neighboring countries. Our Travel Specialists spend a portion of every year inspecting hotels and resorts in Cambodia so we can provide you with the best luxury accommodations Cambodia has to offer. The following hand-picked properties are just a taste of the truly splendid properties available in Cambodia.
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Myanmar's Best Hotels

Our dedicated staff of Travel Specialists spends a portion of each year inspecting hotels across Myanmar to ensure only the finest properties are recommended to our guests. We categorize hotel properties into two distinct levels of quality: Premium and Luxury. + Read More

Laos's Best Hotels

Vietnam's Best Hotels