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The Best Luxury Tours of Southeast Asia

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Our luxury Southeast Asia tours were expressly created for mature explorers who don’t want to be rushed. Easy Tours is a small boutique agency and we only offer great guides and top upscale lodging. Over 70% of our business today is repeat and referral.

We booked a Southeast Asia trip through Easy Tours that included four countries - Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand. The entire trip was for 27 days. We cannot express what a wonderful trip we had because of the detail and hard work Easy Tours did for us. Every detail was perfect. The guides spoke good English, were knowledgeable, courteous, and always on time with their drivers. The hotels we stayed at were incredible. We WILL book future trips with Easy Tours and we HIGHLY recommend this company.
Deborah Owczarzak

Thank you for visiting the Southeast Asia section of our website. All tours are not created equal, nor are all travel companies. In true luxury travel there is no 'One Size Fits All' and some travelers will not find us to be a good fit for their needs. Explorers who repeatedly travel with us all seem to share the following attributes -

1. You cherish learning about other cultures.
2. You value your time and don't want it wasted because of poor planning and/or execution.
3. You appreciate guides with real expertise, intelligence, and passion for their nation.
4. Your most treasured travel memories include genuine interactions with locals.
5. You like large rooms (or suites) with views at luxury hotels with great dining options.

We use the word ‘Tours’ for want of a better term. Since 2004 the Easy Tours family, both at the destinations we offer and in the U.S., has worked tirelessly to design and facilitate authentic luxury experiences for our guests. About 70% of our guests today are Repeats and Referrals.

What makes Southeast Asia Fascinating?

No other region offers such a potent combination of incredible natural attractions and unique exotic experiences. A gentle and endearing Buddhist culture, awe-inspiring historical monuments, friendly and hospitable locals, along with some of the world's finest beaches and breathtaking hotels and resorts to stay in combine to make Southeast Asia a destination that is hard to match.

Southeast Asia is a very diverse destination and has something for all types of explorers. There are vibrant large cities with endless cultural experiences such as Hanoi and Bangkok, and extremely charming small towns such as Luang Prabang in Laos and Hoi An in Vietnam. There are dense jungles, lush tropical flora, amazing seascapes and beaches, as well as memorable exotic experiences such as time with elephants at responsible camps and sanctuaries.

Combine all this with fine dining opportunities to try out the local flavors with amazing regional cuisines wherever you travel. Southeast Asia is a region where all city explorations illuminate the colorful nature of some of the most prolific street food cultures on our planet.

Our Southeast Asia Luxury Tours give you opportunities to get personalized insights into the unique culture by handpicking places and experiences that most tourists will never see. There is a lot of unique relevant information on Southeast Asia throughout this long webpage, and even more on our individual Southeast Asian destination pages.

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About Easy Tours

Easy Tours was born in 2004 with two guiding principles - to provide the best small group and private luxury tours for explorers from North America, and to always value our guest's time. We have not sacrificed these principles on the altar of growth - we still guide just a couple of thousand guests a year total in all the countries we now call home.

Please take the time to review one or more of our detailed itineraries, which are different from other tours, to determine whether we are a good fit for you. The best tour of Southeast Asia for you is one that touches your heart - your itinerary should make you really want it to start right now!

We know that the best Southeast Asia Tours should include experiences that delight and amaze you every day of your exploration. This can only be achieved by a boutique agency with local expertise and focus on the following:
1. Genuine interactions with locals.
2. Great rooms at the best luxury hotels with excellent cuisine and service.
3. Southeast Asia's best Accompanying Guides (Tour Directors).
4. USA and Southeast Asia based Specialists with expert local knowledge.

The Best Luxury Hotels & Rooms

Lodging options for travelers in Southeast Asia are better than, or at least as good as, those at any destination on our planet. Our guest will always enjoy great rooms and suites at the best luxury hotels.

Easy Tours is a preferred Southeast Asia tour operator partner of boutique luxury hotels such as the gorgeous Bill Bensley designed Siam Hotel in Bangkok, the historical Sofitel Legend in Hanoi, and the pastoral luxury Phum Baitang Resort in Siem Reap. On on-tour cruise experiences such as in HaLong Bay, we handpick the best luxury boats and we only use their larger balcony suites.

Our lodging selections are not just based on the luxury and service of these establishments. A short analysis of the locations of our hotels and resorts will show you that they also have excellent locations at each destination, almost always allowing for great walks in the evenings and for less driving time during each day's activities. We include great dining options at and outside your hotels, and the restaurants at our preferred hotels receive rave reviews from guests for both local and western cuisine.

10 Best Places to Visit in Southeast Asia

A list of Southeast Asia's most fascinating destinations where you can experience unique local culture, amazing UNESCO World Heritage Sites, breathtaking scenery, and Southeast Asia's ancient history.



Fascinating capital city regularly wins awards as one of the world's best cities to explore.



On the River of Kings, the most visited city in the world needs no introduction.


Luang Prabang

Magical small town at the confluence of two rivers. Buddhism amid breathtaking nature.


Siem Reap

Home to one of the Seven Wonders, the Angkor region has many awe-inspiring monuments.



Currently unavailable due to the military's coup and ensuing violence against the people.


Chiang Mai

Cultural Capital of Thailand and Northern Thailand's largest city.


Inle Lake

Currently unavailable due to the military's coup and ensuing violence against the people.


Hoi An

Colorful and atmospheric ancient seaport is a fascinating cultural attraction near the Pacific.


HaLong Bay

Overnight cruise through a spectacular seascape with over 1600 karst peaks.



Laid back region in Thailand with world famous beaches and wonderful Luxury Resorts.

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Best Experiences in Southeast Asia

On our best tours of Southeast Asia, you will experience colorful temples and pagodas, incredible street food (for those so inclined), breathtaking scenery, colorful markets, and a lot more, and you will do so with Southeast Asia's best guides and support staff.

Most of our guests say that the highlights of their exploration included the vibrant culture and street scene of the big cities, incredible historical sights, the plethora of picturesque natural sights, fascinating small towns, and the Buddhist traditions that vary from one nation to another. The memories many of you will cherish are interactions with locals, which your Tour Director will be happy to facilitate if they know of your interest.

Southeast Asia offers natural attractions that are dotted throughout the region, starting from the scenic deltas and rural areas, continuing with the lush tropical jungles and rivers, with many of our guests ending their exploration at some of the world's most wonderful coastal regions and beaches.

The best experiences and places for you in Southeast Asia depends on what you most enjoy most when you explore, and what time of the year you will be exploring. Talk to us if you would like expert suggestions on what we would recommend based on your individual travel preferences.

Planning a Trip to Southeast Asia

Most American explorers start their journey in either Myanmar (currently not offered by Easy Tours due to the ongoing violent suppression of its people) or Vietnam and work their way through Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.

Many of our guests plan an exploration that is focused on either Vietnam or Thailand and add in the incredible Angkor Region of Cambodia and/or the extremely charming small town of Luang Prabang in Laos. Almost all the flights between the Southeast Asian countries that we offer are less than two hours, so moving from one exotic nation to another is easy to do.

As the best tour company for Southeast Asia, we offer the option to completely customize your travels in the region - you can tell us exactly what you would like to do, or tell us what your favorite travel experiences are and our destination specialists will design a memorable itinerary for you to review.

Those who want to enjoy famous beaches and gorgeous luxury ocean resorts for beach time and/or water activities can easily select one or more of Thailand's amazing beach destinations, from the Krabi region to Phuket Island to Koh Samui, or Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam.

The Best Time to Visit Southeast Asia

If your goal is to avoid warmer temperatures, mid-October to mid-April is the best time to visit Southeast Asia, but please note that temperatures in much of Southeast Asia do not vary much throughout the year and stay fairly warm throughout. Our luxury small group tours of Southeast Asia operate during the above months. Temperatures at norther destinations in Vietnam and Thailand, such as Hanoi and Chiang Rai, can be fairly cold during winter. The northern highland regions of Vietnam, such as Sapa, can even see snow!

The main rainy season in Southeast Asia has traditionally been from late May through September, but many regional variations do exist. Thousands of miles of coastline keep the temperatures moderate in the coastal areas, while the weather patterns vary inland. Please note that climate change has affected the timing of the monsoon and the intensity of the rains.

Some of these destinations don't have a significant drop in luxury tourism during the rains and infrastructure exists so as to be able to plan private explorations and experiences at any time of the year. For example, when the Phuket and Krabi region beaches are less attractive during the rains, Koh Samui in Thailand's gulf gets very little rain at that time and is a great option.

More About Easy Tours

Having facilitated the top-rated escorted tours of Southeast Asia for North American travelers for well over a decade, Easy Tours knows what makes for a truly memorable exploration. We believe that the three most important parts of the best Southeast Asia tours are well planned itineraries, great guides, and boutique luxury hotels.

We are able to offer the best small group and private tours of Southeast Asia for upscale explorers because we understand what our guests enjoy. Our guests like a diverse mix of culture, nature, local colors, history, and insights into the everyday lives of the locals. Easy Tours focuses on providing such experiences.

Because we know great food and a good night's sleep are an integral part of the best Southeast Asia tours, we offer options between gourmet regional cuisine and fine western fare. We use upgraded rooms and suites in the best hotels in Southeast Asia as we don't like small base rooms.

We feel that the most important facet of the best tour packages in Southeast Asia is your guide's passion for, and knowledge of, their homeland. It is human interactions that make up a discerning explorers' fondest memories, not how many sights, or cities, they visited while touring. Our guests tend to wax poetic about our colleagues, and write many paragraphs about them in their reviews!

Passion leads to excellence, and our guests interact with people deeply committed to your satisfaction all through the reservation and travel experience. This is a key reason why about 70% of our guests are repeat and referral travelers today, and our reviewers consistently state that we are not just the best tour operator in Southeast Asia, we are unmatched in the world! Please take a minute or two to read some of our guest reviews. You will notice that almost all our guests, during their exploration, develop relationships with Easy Tours' Tour Director Guides. We have many guests from over a decade ago that, even today, maintain relationships with our Southeast Asia based colleagues.