India Tours with Festivals

This collection of immersive journeys combines our premium tours with India's most important and interesting festivals. Explorers can select private or small group experiences that range from 10 to 35 days.

Offered once every year, these tours are an opportunity to experience India's incredible colors and unique culture in conjunction with its people's biggest celebrations. Since India's festivals are based on the lunar calendar, dates change every year. Availability is extremely limited.

Explorers will immerse themselves in India's most important holy festival and the county's largest rural cultural festival in one exploration. We strongly recommend that you view the short videos before scrolling down for more details and the tour menu.

Diwali, the Festival of Light

Diwali is Hinduism's biggest festival and is even celebrated by people of other faiths throughout most of India. It is a night of joyous celebration that has many similarities in how Christmas is celebrated in the United States, with a doze of 4th of July fireworks thrown in.

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Pushkar Camel Fair

The small town of Pushkar is spread around a holy lake that has been a pilgrimage destination for centuries. Devout Hindu’s from Rajasthan and neighbouring states visit the destination throughout the year to immerse themselves in the sacred water, but the numbers increase significantly during the days leading up to Kartik Poornima, one of the the holiest days in the Hindu lunar calendar.
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