Who is the best India Tour Operator?

About 20,000 of our North American guests feel our tours are different, as are our guest reviews. We are not interested in selling the most tours to India, Nepal and Bhutan; we are a boutique organization that is only motivated by a passion for providing the very best travel experience.

The reason we call ourselves Easy Tours is because we are focused on making it easy for our guests to really experience the amazing Indian Subcontinent. We are the best option for explorers interested in great values on the very best travel experience, with amazing guides, chauffeurs, and other service providers.

What have we learned since we opened our first US and India offices in 2004? We have learned that the upscale explorer doesn’t want to be rushed from monument to monument and from city to city, with an occasional contrived cultural experience thrown in. We have learned that you want to experience the culture, see how people live their lives, and make genuine connections as you explore.

Why Immersive Travel? Please note that immersive touring with us may not be right for you. Many people want to check-mark as many of India, Nepal and Bhutan’s amazing destinations as quickly as possible, and these tourists should not use our services. Explorers who are motivated to truly experience foreign cultures will really enjoy our services.

Our itineraries have evolved based on your feedback, and we are the first to offer tours that provide what today’s upscale explorer wants. Our India tours are much more immersive (than they used to be) as our guests no longer spend most of their vacation in India just traveling between destinations, and (at the destinations) just visiting forts, temples, and palaces. Instead, they get to experience India by spending more time at the most interesting destinations, indulging in activities like walking the streets that the locals walk. Your guide and chauffeur will surprise you with experiences like a stop at a village elementary school, where the children will greet you with uncontrolled joy.

Compare our service levels and pricing with other established luxury agencies – we offer by far the best value for upscale travel in India, Nepal and Bhutan. With expertise gathered since 2004 in just one part of the world, we know how to look beyond misleading and deceptive classifications such as "5 Star Hotel". In India, these can range from $50 to well over $1000 a night. Trust us; the hotels are not similar in any sense.

What our guest’s like and don’t like

No 4 AM Wake Up Calls.
Check out other Tour Itineraries. If they don’t tell you what time a flight is, call and ask them. You will find that they have flights departing as early as 6 and 7 AM. Many airports are 45 minutes or further from your city hotel. You have to leave your hotel more than 2 hours before your flight departs.

No 12 Hour Journeys.
Almost all tours include a drive /train combination between Khajuraho and Agra. This journey requires a departure from Khajuraho around 9 AM in the morning, and an arrival (if the train is on time) at around 10 pm at your Agra Hotel. We do not offer Khajuraho on our group tours as we take you to Aurangabad. Ajanta & Ellora (near Aurangabad) are India’s greatest archaeological treasure and are way more impressive, much more ancient, and on a much grander scale, than the temples at Khajuraho. Similarly, why would you take a 7 to 8 hour drive over a bland highway (between Jaipur and Udaipur), when we do it with an hour long flight?

Rush Free Zone.
Other tours will cover great cities like Delhi, Varanasi, and Jaipur in 1 day of sightseeing – when they show 2 days, 1 is for travel to that city. Your guide will be rushing you between multiple UNESCO World Heritage sights and other experiences, not allowing you to really take in the amazing structures, or the unique local culture. We cherish quality of experience far more than quantity, and our tours have more time at key destinations, when compared to all other agencies. Our guests don’t just mark destinations off a checklist. Only with us do you get experiences like the incredible “langar” ceremony at the Sikh Gurudwara (temple) in Delhi.

Choose Your Lodging.
We only offer really upscale to ultra-luxury boutique lodging. The Hotels we use rank very highly on all hotel review websites. Many middle-men “Luxury” Tour operators use hotels at or below our Luxury Level and charge exorbitant prices. Price focused Tour Operators usually list one Hotel and add “or similar”. The “similar” part is never really true. With Easy Tours, guests can select from great itineraries using upscale (some of the world’s highest rated hotels, and best available in some destinations) or luxury Hotels (among India’s best).

The Best Guides and Chauffeurs.
On average, the guides and chauffeurs we use at India’s mainstream destinations have worked with us for close to a decade. They have a lot of experience of what an upscale explorer wants and expects, they have a passion for their country, and will significantly enhance your experience. Although anyone can have an occasional average day, we invite you to compare the guest reviews about our staff with any other company. We pay a higher wage than others, foster a culture of reward and recognition, and are thus able to retain the very best.

Memorable moments, not sanitized tours.
We believe that travel should be experienced with an open heart and mind, and try our best to only work with guests that feel the same. Tourists that want to be in constant control of their environment when they travel should strongly consider not visiting India. We know that this is a recipe for disaster when you tour India. We feel that the best way to explore anywhere is with mindfulness, which lets you enjoy the unexpected. If you need to be in total control while traveling and must mark India off your checklist, we at Easy Tours would appreciate it if you travel with another agency.

We value your time.
We value our guests’ time above all else. As one example, when we design a tour, we don’t just use the hotel offering us the best commission. We start by evaluating hotels based on our personal knowledge, experience and the feedback of thousands of guests. We then look at many other factors, including the distance of the hotel from the airport or highway for your arrival and departure at that destination. We consider whether that hotel offers an optimum combination of shorter duration (yet interesting) drives for the local explorations. Our chauffeurs and guides get bonuses if they come up with ideas (such as an alternate route for a period when the existing route is going through delays due to repairs/construction). Our goal is to give you more time to enjoy your tour and/or boutique lodging.

No Pushy Salespeople.
Our Destination Specialists are consultants and will never try to close a sale. Our average guest talks with their India Specialist over sixteen times on the phone before starting their tour of India, and the first call averages over 43 minutes. Most of our guests significantly alter their original plans once they have consulted with someone who really knows India. All our US and India based Sales Consultants spend part of the year touring India and experiencing the same journeys and facilities that our guests do. We are true experts in everything we offer.