Luxury Lodging

Luxury hotels in India offer luxuries and service second to none. There are more hotels in India rated among the top 20 in the world (by any luxury publication) than all of North America. Indian Hotel rates also tend to be among the most expensive in the world. Our local insight and contacts enable us to know the best accommodations for your stay in India as comfort levels and management do change, along with service levels.

We have an established relationship with the best hotels, resorts, and lodges at our destinations, and we get contracted rates that are well below retail pricing. This allows us to provide you with great values on the best rooms and suites available.
We know the better establishments at the levels we deal in, starting from the moderate luxury of our Premium Level establishments and up to the almost decadent accommodations and services of the very best hotels in the world at our Luxury Level.

India has many spectacular Palaces and Forts that have been converted to luxury hotels, with furnishings and services that were once the trappings of royalty. In the larger cities, the international hotel chains also offer a lot of choices. You may stay at a 'Sheraton' or a 'Hyatt', and all such hotels that we choose also offer Indian hospitality, combined with the best characteristics of a luxury western establishment. Given below is a sampling of the luxury hotels, resorts and inns you can expect to stay at during your visit.