Luxury Lodging - Bhutan

The Best Hotels in Bhutan include very small boutique lodges such as the COMO UMA resorts in Paro & Punakha, and the Gangtey Lodge at Gangtey, all with excellent service and spectacular views. At Thimphu we recommend staying in Bhutan's largest town, with its massive population of just below 115,000 residents! The best hotel within Thimphu, and next to the downtown area, is the Taj Tashi.
We have an established relationship with these hotels, which means favorable rates and preferential availability of their best views and more.


We know the better establishments at the levels we deal in, starting from the moderate luxury of our Premium Level establishments and up to the decadent accommodations and services of the very best hotels in the world at our Luxury Level.

Bhutan has many spectacular hotels in the form of locally-owned and operated luxury boutique accommodations. All hotels that we choose also offer outstanding hospitality, combined with the best characteristics of a luxury western establishment. Given below is a sampling of the luxury hotels, resorts, and inns you can expect to stay at during your visit.