Chaiyaphum Travel Information


Chaiyaphum Description:

Chaiyaphum is a remote town in Northeastern Thailand best known for natural splendor and relaxing atmosphere.

The quaint Thai town has been left largely untouched by modern development, and coming across other travelers in the area is a rare occurrence.

Four national parks protect large swathes of land, mountains and forests in Chaiyaphum Province. Tat Thon National Park is best known for squat waterfalls that are particularly beautiful during the rainy season. Sai Thong National Park’s fields of Siam Tulips are a sight that no luxury tour of Thailand would be complete without. The wind and rain-cut rock formations of Pa Hin Ngam National Park seem to mirror the well-known karst formations of the Andaman Sea in Southern Thailand, and Phu Laenkha National Parks offers splendid views of the province from its forested mountain tops.

Best Time to Visit Chaiyaphum:

June through October rains swell the many waterfalls here, and it’s the season when the Siam Tulips bloom pink and purple. The months from November to January are marked by modest temperatures and clear skies, and the highest regional temperatures fall between March and May.

How to get to Chaiyaphum:

Located in Northeastern Thailand, town and province are best reached by private vehicle departing from Bangkok on the country’s modern highway system.

Chaiyaphum Highlights:

The relaxed atmosphere, absence of foreign guests, and stunning natural beauty make this remote location and wonderful getaway for hikers and travelers looking to take their tours of Thailand well off the beaten path.

Appropriate Attire:

Dress for a hike while touring in this unspoiled province.