Koh Hong Island Travel Information


Koh Hong Island Description:

The jagged karst formations of the Hong Islands shelter emerald coves with quiet beaches. The perfect place to feel like a castaway, the Hong Islands are a chain of four islands in Phang Nga Bay where untouched splendor lures travelers seeking solitude to sandy shores.

Koh Hong’s (the main island in the group) immaculate beach, Pelay, is ringed with lush, fragrant jungle that pulses with bird calls and the chatter of monkeys. Below the emerald green surface, the waters teem with life making the island one of the most popular destinations for snorkeling and scuba diving on luxury Thailand tours.

The jutting formations of the Hong Islands have been honed by tide and rain for centuries, marking the soft limestone with deep pathways. Through one of these water-cut impressions, travelers on Thailand tours can access Hong Island’s hidden lagoon and swim in crystal clear waters. The island takes its name from this chamber (Hong), and this stunning treasure can be reached by kayak or long-tail boat depending on the tide.

Off the beach, untouched forests teem with life. The tree-tops ring with birdsong, and white-faced gibbons hoot as they swing between branches. Monitor lizards can be spied lurking through the forest floor, or soaking up warmth from rocks in the sun.

From Koh Hong, several smaller islets nearby are popular additional excursions on Thailand tour itineraries. Koh Lahding’s sheltered bay is perfect for snorkeling, and the sandbars of Koh Rai and Koh Pakbia are perfect to relax on during low tide.

Best Time to Visit Koh Hong Island:

The best weather for the Hong Islands is from November through March. Rains during the April to October wet season can make for choppy seas, but the forests are particularly verdant this time of year.

How to get to Koh Hong Island:

The Hong Islands are off the coast of Southern Thailand’s Krabi Province in Phang Nga Bay. The islands’ beaches can be reached in about a half-hour by private boat launching from Ao Nang.

Koh Hong Island Highlights:

The Hong Islands’ pristine waters and beaches are perfect for travelers seeking solitude on their tours of Thailand. Just a boat ride away from the busy beaches in Krabi province, it’s a perfect day-trip excursion for any luxury tour of Thailand.

Appropriate Attire:

Beach wear is a must while visiting this island paradise. A good pair of shoes is advisable if you plan to explore the forested areas.