Koh Kradan Travel Information

For the traveler looking for that deserted beach where they can feel like Robinson Crusoe, Koh Kradan is just the ticket. A tiny island south of Koh Lanta, Kradan stands as a true beach paradise and one of the best diving / snorkeling sights in Thailand. Its complete lack of infrastructure only adds to its exotic feel, making guests feel totally in tune with nature.

Getting There:
Koh Kradan is only reachable by speedboat. This can be (1) Private speedboat which is rather expensive (2) Speedboat owned by one of the few hotels for guests staying on the island (3) Speedboat tour that includes Kradan and several other islands.

Getting to Kradan can be a bit of an adventure for guests visiting in the rainy season, as speedboat transfers often have to be delayed or cancelled due to weather.

As it is located on the Andaman Sea side of Thailand, the weather on Koh Kradan is best between November and March. From April through October is the rainy season and the beaches are sometimes not at their best. During this season, rough seas sometimes interfere with boat trips in the Bay of Phang Nga.

Very few. Two small resorts and a handful of guesthouses.

There is no infrastructure on Koh Kradan. Other than relaxing on or exploring the beaches, visitors can join or charter boat oturs to neighboring islands. Snorkeling and swimming are excellent on Koh Kradan.

There is no need to break down the beaches for this Kradan, as the island is one big beach, easily explored on foot.