Nong Khai Travel Information

Nong Khai is a snake-like province running along the Mekong River. Previously traders and travellers would go from Tha Sadet to Laos by boat, but once the Friendship Bridge was built in Non Khai, the province has become a primary transportation and trade hub between Thailand and Loas. The province offers a number of attractions including Wat Pho Chair which houses a well known massive Buddha sculpture, along with Phra That Non Khai, an ancient chedi that is partially obscured underwater until the dry season.

Nong Khai is also home to Sala Kaeo Ku, an eccentric sculpture garden filled with traditional Hindu and Buddhist figures along with other images from traditional Thai culture. The neighboring Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary is a scenic park with many gorgeous waterfalls.

Nong Khai is consists of the following districts: Mueang Nong Khai, Bueng Kan, Phon Phisai, Tha Bo, Sangkhom, Seka, So Phisai, Si Chiang Mai, Phon Charoen, Pak Khat, Bueng Khong Long, Si Wilai, Bung Khla, Sa Khrai, Rattana Wapi, Fao Rai and Pho Tak.