Pai Travel Information


Pai Description:

Once a quiet and remote village just a stone’s throw from the border of Myanmar, the village of Pai in Northern Thailand’s Mae Hong Son Province has boomed in recent years after being connected to the other northern provinces with a modern highway.

Mae Hong Son Province is Thailand’s least populated area, and nearly half the residents in the province belong to one of the many hill tribes that reside in the Golden Triangle Region, which spans the borderlands and beyond of Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos.

Located in a gorgeous and often misty valley, the growing town of Pai strikes a balance between quaint country life and modern accommodations. Guests on luxury tours of Thailand can find a host of activities here including elephant treks into the surrounding mountains, rafting and tubing trips down the Pai River, and relaxation at the excellent Tha Pai Hot Springs.

Around town Wat Phra That Mae Yen and Wat Nam Hoo are popular stops with good views of the town and surrounding countryside. Nam Tok Mo Paeng Falls has several pools with excellent swimming, and other falls like Nam Pembok and Nam Tok Mae Yen can be reached easily by bicycle.

Best Time to Visit Pai:

The best weather in Northern Thailand runs from November through January. The rainfall June through October causes the fields and mountain forests to bloom splendidly, and the plethora of waterfalls in the area are particularly beautiful this time of year.

While the temperatures from March through May are warm, the area is much cooler during the summer than provinces further south.

How to get to Pai:

The city of Pai is located in Mae Hong Son Province in Northern Thailand. About 50 miles from Chiang Mai City, the best way to reach Pai is by private vehicle using the modern roads constructed over the last decade.

Pai Highlights:

Offering a perfect blend of rural serenity and contemporary luxury, Pai is a dream destination for travelers on tours of Thailand seeking a quiet escape into the mountains of Northern Thailand.

Appropriate Attire :

Dress for a hike or a swim depending on your day plans, but remember to dress appropriately by covering your shoulders, arms, and knees if you plan to visit the temples in the area.