Phayao Travel Information


Phayao Description:

The town of Phayao rests beside the silver waters of Kwan Phayao Lake in Northern Thailand. Hemmed in by mountains and river valleys, Phayao is a quiet get away for luxury tours of Thailand.

The downtown area is a few charming blocks of tree-line streets, wooden houses, and temples that give the lake town a rustic and peaceful feeling. At the center of Kwan Phayao Lake, the sunken ruins of Wat Tiloke Aram are a popular excursion on tours in Northern Thailand.

Back on the shore the large Wat Sri Khom Kham houses a nearly 60 feet-high statue of Buddha, and the grounds contain a statue garden depicting scenes from Buddhist Hell. Next door, Phayao cultural Exhibition Hall is packed with artifacts and local historical information.

Best Time to Visit Phayao:

The heaviest rains come through the region between June and October. March through May is the season with the highest temperatures, and the best weather to enjoy Phayao falls between November and January.

How to get to Phayao:

Phayao Town is the Norther Thailand’s Phayao Province’s capital. The town can be reached by private vehicle departing from Chiang Rai in as little as 3 hours.

Phayao Highlights:

An idyllic and unspoiled destination, Phayao has rustic feel and authentic Thai culture hard to find in its more developed neighbors.

Appropriate Attire:

Western wear is fine in town, but clothing should cover shoulders to knees when visiting any of the temples in the area.