Roi Et Travel Information

Roi Et sits around Bung Phlan Chai, a large artificial lake which is home to a massive Buddha statue situatued on a small island in the center of the lake. These large statues are very popular in the province. A Buddha stretching 68 meters tall is located at Wat Buraphaphiram, with a staircase winding next to the statue for visitors to climb. A large Khmer sanctuary is located in Ku Kasing and dates back to the 11th century.

The province is known for its equisite handicrafts, especially panpipes called Isan khaen. These are made primarily in the tiny village of Si Kaew, using locally sourced wood and reeds. The town of Thanon Phadung Phanit is known for its textiles, particularly lush silks.

Roi Et consists of the following districts: Mueang, Thawat Buri, Selaphum, Phon Thong, Nong Phok, At Samat, Phanom Phrai, Chaturaphak Phiman, Kaset Wisai, Suwannaphum, Pathum Rat, Pho Chai, Mueang Suang, Phon Sai, Moei Wadi, Si Somdet, Changhan, Chiang Khwan, Nong Hi and Thung Khao Luang.