Uttaradit Travel Information


Uttaradit Description:

Resting in the Nan River Valley of Northern Thailand, Uttaradit played an important role as a northern shipping port up through the later part of the 20th century. Using the waters of the Nan River to ship the valuable teak wood culled from the area’s forests, the town and province prospered through Burmese incursions and the rise and fall of early Thai kingdoms like Ayutthaya and Sukhothai.

The region’s teak forests, once heavily logged, are making a comeback thanks to the many national parks that protect large swaths of land in the area. Ton Sai Yai Park has the world’s largest teak tree reaching 125 feet into the air, and is well worth a visit on a tour of Thailand. Klong Trong, Lam Nam Nan, and Phu Soi Dao National parks protect hundreds of miles of verdant forests and mountains filled with wildlife and unique plants.

Best Time to Visit Uttaradit:

Monsoon rains come between June and October reviving the teak forests’ green luster. The highest temperatures are between March and May, and the best weather to visit is from November to January.

How to get to Uttaradit:

Uttaradit is the capital of Uttaradit Province in Northern Thailand. Best accessed by private vehicle, the town is a great stop on the road north to Chiang Mai.

Uttaradit Highlights:

Three national parks filled with diverse wildlife make this a favored destination for trekkers.

Appropriate Attire :

Dress for a hike if you’re heading into the national parks, but if you plan to visit any Buddhist monasteries in the region it’s best to cover shoulders to knees as a sign of modesty while on consecrated ground.