Kampong Cham Travel Information


Kampong Cham Description:

Kampong Cham is a rustic Cambodian town northeast of Phnom Penh.

The center of town is brimming with intact, but aging French colonial architecture that meshes well with the lazy pace of life on the banks of the Mekong River. The river promenade is lined with small cafes that are great places to sip cool drinks and watch Kampong Cham’s citizens amble across the bamboo bridge that leads to a small island in the Mekong River.

Wat Nokor is Kampong Cham’s main Buddhist shrine. The outer walls are an 11th century construction of sandstone and laterite surrounding a recently built central sanctuary. It’s common to spot the temple’s monks swathed in bright orange robes flitting between the numerous archways or silently meditating in the lotus position. Occasionally, traditional performances of Cambodian Apsara dances are held just behind the temple.

Outside of town, both Pros and Srei Mountains have rebuilt temples at their peaks, but the best views of the flat plains around the Mekong River are from the top of a hill named Phnom Hanchey.

Best Time to Visit Kampong Cham:

The dry season that runs between December and May has Cambodia’s best sightseeing weather. At the start of June the ambient temperature begins to rise along with increased chances of rain. The heat and humidity continue through November, but it’s this time of year that Cambodia’s countryside is at its most beautiful.

How to get to Kampong Cham:

Kampong Cham lies northeast of Phnom Penh along the Mekong River. Guests on our luxury tours of Cambodia typically reach the area overland in a private vehicle with their guide.

Kampong Cham Highlights:

Kampong Cham’s rustic charms make for a great place to stop and stretch your legs while traveling towards Phnom Penh from the Eastern provinces of Cambodia.

Appropriate Attire:

Western clothing choices are fine to explore the city in.