Mount Phou Si Travel Information


Mount Phou Si Description:

A high hill capped by a glittering Buddhist shrine, Mount Phou Si (sometimes Phousi or Phu Si) is the city of Luang Prabang’s central landmark.

Local legends tell of a powerful naga, a snakelike animist spirit often associated with Buddhism in Southeast Asia, which once inhabited the hill. Today, the sacred hill is best known for the golden shrine that caps the summit, That Chomsi, and the stunning views of Luang Prabang and the city’s surrounding countryside.

There are multiple paths to ascend Mount Phou Si, but climbing the 329 stone steps of the northern route is the most popular way for travelers to reach the summit. Wat Tham Phou Si is about halfway along the path to the top, and the temple is a great place to rest before finishing the climb to the top.

Best Time to Visit Mount Phou Si:

The climb to the summit of Mount Phou Si best made in the early morning or late afternoon to catch the majestic views during dawn or sunset. The area’s cooler dry season between November and May has the best sightseeing weather. As June rolls in so do higher temperatures, which, along with increased chances of rain, continue through October.

How to get to Mount Phou Si:

Mount Phou Si is the city of Luang Prang’s central feature rising from the middle of the city like a crown. The summit can be reached from several different paths that run through the forests on the sides of the sacred hill.

Mount Phou Si Highlights:

Beautiful Buddhist temples and stunning views await travelers on mount Phou Shi. It’s a must-see while exploring the ancient city of Luang Prabang on a luxury tour of Laos.

Appropriate Attire:

As you’ll be visiting several Buddhist temples as part of your explorations of Mount Phousi, it’s best to dress in modest clothing that covers thighs and shoulders for this excursion.